Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, May 28, 2016

17 months

Never looked so good!  

Mr. Independent! We went to lunch the other day and he was climbing and playing all by himself!
Still lives his brother more then anything and ANYTHING Mason does River must do!
Brushing monkeys teeth....
Still loves eating everything and nursing!
Did I mention River loves his brother?!?!
Monthly Facts:
Size 3 diapers
Last tooth popped through today.  Bottom right canine.
Will follow multiple step commands
Speaks with simple words
Size 12 month clothes
Oh do you have a strong personality but hey you keep up all on our toes!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Tea

Today I was invited to Mason's school for Mother's Tea.  We were given cute tea pot invites and instructed to wear our Sunday best!  When we arrived each child gave their mom a flower and sat their mom one by one.  Then they sang us several songs (as the entertainment)
We were then given a special gift......
A hand printed towel.
Then we got served a sweet treat......
The kiddos cut the strawberries and baked the shortcake!
it was very very yummy : )
Lastly we looked at his art work.  The paint was translucent when they painted......until it dried : ) Mason's is a gorilla!
And his bee!!!What a very special time the two of us had.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

16 Months Old

Mr. Independent 
You still love the park and have discovered the bridge......which your brother ALWAYS is willing to jump on to make it rock!!!!!
Twins??? Mason loves to match you as much as possible.....
You love to be just like your brother and think you can do EVERYTHING he can do!
Still a water baby : )
So proud to "swim" and blow bubbles!!!
Mama's boys for sure.....
look at that duck tail of hair.....you don't have much anywhere else except that ONE spot on the back of your head!

You are a dare devil and my gray hair count goes up by the day!
other stats....
Still size 3 diapers 
12 to 18 month clothes (still fit in 6 to 12 but time to move on....even if you are swimming in the others)
Teeth count: 14
Words: not many but signing milk, all done, more, dance
You eat everything in site.  Still no dislikes.
You LOVE to dance and are so so cute while doing it. 
 You are very easy going until you want to be doing something else or by yourself!
You would spend every waking moment outside playing bubbles, riding your scooter, playing in the dirt, kicking/throwing balls, basically all things outdoorsy : )

Well that is all I can think of......

Happy 16 Months baby boy!  
We love you♡♡♡

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Finished Sign and All

Mason picked out the colors : ) Shinny gray, red and black....
Now we just water and wait!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Strawberry Patch

We had yet ANOTHER beautiful day of weather and we took advantage of it by sprucing up the flower beds and planters.....first we started with the pots that we filled with green peppers and lettuce!
Then the hanging planters needed dirt : )
Once we had finished all that it was time to make our very own strawberry patch!!!!!
River carried the plants.....
Mason did the planting......
River enjoyed playing in the dirt ; )
Then the two workers enjoyed a much deserved popcicle......while Mommy finished up the rest of the gardens.
Tomorrow, once the rain is back, we are going to make a sign for our strawberry patch! Then I will take a final picture of all our hard work.. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Mason got a Kite in his Easter basket and until today we have not had a day with enough wind and no rain to try it out......we woke up this morning and the wind was gusting!!!!!  Off to the park we went (before Daddy had to go to work)
We tried really really hard but never got it to stay up for longer then a minute or two.....
River enjoyed RUNNING down the hill!
and playing on the play ground.
Mason stuck with the Kite flying and was able to get it up as well! Again not for long unfortunately....
River on the other hand thought the best seat, in the house, was in the corner of the lacrosse nets : )
We then headed home and had a water ballon fight with Daddy....
85 and pure sunshine...we will take it!