Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unable to load

So.........this site is having trouble loading the cake video so I loaded it on you tube. You can see the video of the 1st birthday celebration cake destruction at the following link:



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Break on through

We can feel a protrusion from his lower gums...........Tooth on the way!

Very exciting!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

You say it's your birthday!

So................there was some techincal difficulty with the site yesterday and we were unable to post photos of little man's birthday.


He is 1 year old now! Way to go Mason!

Lets get to the photos and such...................

Little man was far more interested in the tissue paper than any of the contents of each package. He loved flapping them around and listening to the sounds.

I love this photo. Julie's looks are so loving. I also really like the look on Mason's face. Almost like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

The decorations were inspired by the Hungry Caterpillar. Julie did an amazing job of making the house look awesome. Good job Jules!

The caterpillar in the corner was amazing.

Nana and Papa drove in from Spokane for the occasion. Little man and Papa both love golf so they were glued to the FedEx cup playoff event. Who won little man?

The cake that Julie made was beautiful and tasted AWESOME!

There is the carnage!

"Are there any more Dad?"

Awesome...........I can eat this one too?

Julie figured out how to broadcast the event live online so we had friends and family watching from all over the globe.

The Seahawks warm-ups were a great pick.........then T-Jax threw one the next day.......UGH!

Blow out the candle one year old BIG BOY!

The look on his face when he shoved his hand in the cake was priceless..........

and he eventually got comfortable with it.

Puttin a dent in that sucker!

I didn't eat any cake Dad...........really

The chunk he has got his hands on here is so big.

Hmmmmmmmmmm how can I get more of this all over the place?


The end result. Covered in his first birthday cake. Many more to come Little Man!

There is supposed to be a video of Mason destroying his cake here. Alas, this website stinks and will not upload the video at the moment so we are stuck with empty space........sorry!

For those that are real ambitious, here is the link to the previous live feed of the entire party..........some bits are quite a kick. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/little-man-s-birthday.

In all, it was a wonderful day for a wonderful baby boy. Congrats on your first birthday Mason and many thanks to those that attended. Matt and Jen, Brandon, Nana and Papa, Crystal, Joe, and Asher, Amy and Jaxon. Those that were glued to the computer, Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Richard and the rest of the down under possee, Jessi, Katelyn, etc...........

Those that helped make this first birthday possible will be visited soon. We plan on taking him to the NICU and paying respect where it is due.

Thank you Lord for your blessing on Mason and our family!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We sure hope everyone had a great Labor Day. If you were fortunate enough to have a 3 day weekend, hope it was a blast and you got a chance to go camping, go see a show (PJ20 or Dave at the Gorge perhaps??) or just spend some quality time with family and friends.

Little Man had a bit of a different Labor Day. He got to go on his first road trip!

We headed to Spokane on Friday to visit family and just get away from the area for a while. This was the first time we had been able to get away in just short of a year (I had been able to get a week away earlier) as an entire family. It was wonderful.........check it out!

I don't have a whole lot of awesome photos from hanging out at Nana and Papa's house, but we got a good number of photos from our excursions out and about the Spokane area. Our first stop was Manito Park in the heart of the South Hill area. The day was bright and the sky was blue and the flowers were in full bloom.

The 3 photos above are of a garden in the park with an awesome water fountain. A very important water fountain to our family, in fact.

Little Man was able to dip a toe and even a hand in the fountain before it became overrun with other people. We even got a family photo on the most important spot on the fountain to us. Full circle back to this spot for Julie and I, and now we add Mason to the lore!

 Papa loved pushing Mason around. Mason loves to go for walks and so does Papa so EVERYONE was happy with that situation..........until we had to go uphill.
Loving the attention........and the ride!
We also went to the Rose Garden portion of the park and Little Man got to sniff his first rose.......he seemed less interested in that and more interested in grabbing at the flowers. After thorning himself once, Dad learned to pin his hands back so he could not touch the flowers.........but that only lasted so long as evidenced by the last photo there. He tried to get those petals in his mouth as fast as he could, but we thwarted that one.
While at the Rose Garden, we got some of my new favorite photos. He is so darn cute on that rock, and his Mom is pretty hot too!

After much set up and, as Papa would call it, rigamorol, we were able to capture a fairly decent group photo. Welcome to Spokane Little Man!

We ended up in the South portion of the park where my Sister used to work and they had converted a former wading pool into a really cool water park like thing. There were no slides, but there was spouting water and dumping water and shooting water and such. Mom thought it was a brilliant idea to take Mason into the feature and suddenly water was shooting from all over at her. She moved him directly under a bucket thing that, when full, dumped to the ground. You can see the water splasing up at them both. Mason LOVED it! Mom.........not so much.

Let the record state that I had nothing to do with the water soaking them!
Not happy Mommy, very happy baby!
Cutie Pie!

The next day we headed North to the Green Bluff area where they have numerous farms and local produce and quaint little shops. It was very warm out, but the heat did not stop a whole bunch of people from heading that way so we were among a crowd quite a bit. Julie found some amazing peaches and she even let Little Man give one a go.......
He loved it, of course!

His new thing...........hanging as upside down as he can, no matter where he is.

Papa spied a tractor that he thought Mason would like. We put him in the seat, way up high and charged Papa with making sure he didn't get scared or fall.
Papa was equal to the task and Mason had a blast. Then it was back to Nana and Papa's for some sleep and................
his favorite book, read by Nana. He has now had 5 different members of his family read this book to him. Grandpa, you are next!

In all, it was a wonderful time over in Spokane. It gets tougher and tougher to leave there every time we visit. That could be because Nana and Papa have the best room in the world for guests.........you would have to sleep there to fully appreciate it, but trust me, it is nothing short of amazing.

Thanks Nana and Papa for letting us come and visit. We will be back soon! Mason is already planning his next road trip..........stay tuned!