Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

 I can not believe that tonight we are ringing in another new year.  How time just seems to be flying by!  As I was looking back on our year......all I can say is WOW what a year : )

January started off with a trip to Cleveland to visit Granny and Pa.
 February found us taking a trip to Spokane and leaving Mason for our first ever getaway!
March and April....not many pictures can be found.  We did a few rounds of bowling and playing all around!
 May had a short trip to Spokane where Mason was in charge of a great yard sale.
 Tom also shot his first ever bogie free round for a score under par!
 June brought some visitors....who had lots fun : )
 July was know for many trips to the farm....
And Tom got promoted to Assistant Front End!
August 1st came and Julie worked no more.....Mason went to his first ever ball game.
Danielle and Rob married and friends came to celebrate...Mason met Wynter and will merry next Summer ; )

In September Mason turned Three and Uncle Jonathan came to see.....

Mason also got his first haircut and now handsome as can be.
 October found us traveling once more....
Cheered on the buckeyes and yelled at the POINT!
 We ended the month with a costume for two, a beekeeper and her little bumble bee!
November found us standing on our heads and Tom getting promoted once more.
December was filled with projects galore and we hope to do some more!

WE wish you all a very Happy New Year!  
We are so grateful for how our life has changed in this last year and are excited to see what this new year brings!  

Monday, December 30, 2013


Today two special people came to visit.....
Of Course we played football.....
And opened more Christmas gifts......
And gave some Christmas gifts.....
And blew up air mattresses........
So that we could run and jump!  Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring with our special visitors!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lets Go Seahawks!

Since Daddy had the day off we decided to go out to a local brewery.Getting ready to cheer on the Seahawks with some friends.

Fishing time?
Practicing writing M's
Gak time
Oh yeah and most importantly drinking "rootboot" and watching football!!!  We had a great time watching a good game and celebrating a big win : )
And by the end off the night we had built this! 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas gifts

We have been busy playing with all of our gifts that we have recieved for Christmas and today was no different.  Instead of being at home though, we had to take a ride downtown to play!  Tom gave me a family membership to the Pacific Science Center!  Today we decided to cash it in : )  While Tom was at work, Mason and I played!  

First up simple machines......

 He was really good at making the ball go back and forth with out falling!

Then is was learn about the body time.....

 Water time!.......

 We did not get very wet (probably because I brought extra clothes just in case!)

 Butterfly Garden......

 Then it was time to blast off into space.....


 Pushing the ball around ....

 Now you know what we will be doing when we are not at the zoo or the farm......Anyone coming to visit be prepared to be taking a trip with us to the Science Center!

Tom was home when we got home and is now off for a few days so we are really excited to have some family time together.  Tonight started off with getting Uncle Jonathan's Christmas present for Tom delivered.....Lets just say that Tom is the BEST Daddy around and Uncle Jonathan better watch out because the game is on!!!!!

 Yup it is a "Daddy Saddle"  that even has stirrups for Mason to put his feet in.....

All we need now is knee pads!