Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, July 11, 2014

Mussel Dinner

Went to Mud City tonight for dinner.....

And guess who LOVED the mussels.........
He could NOT get enough!

He kept going back for more and more!
Then we headed to the beach to work off the amazing dinner!
Last stop was for some ice cream before we headed for home.....
He insisted on just licking it instead of using a spoon.  And yes he got soaking wet at the beach and had to change clothes!
We ended the night with catching lighting bugs.  Off to bed we go, another fun filled day on tap for tomorrow!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beer Dinner

Tonight Pa and I got to go to Uncle Jonathan's beer dinner.  It was at a local bar/restaurant where we got 5 courses with beer pairings for each.  Along with food and drinks we also got educated on beer.  It was really neat to try different pairings, learn about beer and eat AMAZING food! An added bonus was getting to watch Uncle Jonathan do his thing!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The 5th of July!

While visiting Uncle Jonathan in New Jersey we were excited to once again watch fireworks on the beach.  Unfortunately, thanks to Hurricane Aurthur, we had to wait until the 5th of July to celebrate our nations birthday!  Luckily for us we did not get anything other than some rain from the storm as it moved north east of the coast so the party was not a total bust.  

Since all the fireworks had been cancelled the day before, Uncle Jonathan wanted to go down to the beach and make sure that they were still going to take place in the same areas originally planed.  He convinced me that a good bike ride was in order and that he and I would "just" ride to the beach and check it out........

 We only had to cross ONE major street going before we were able to turn up a side street!

      Give or take a few miles........4 miles later we finally found the spot!  Then it was time to go back home!!!!!  Did I mention that is was about 95 degrees during this trip????

Well all complaining aside the scouting trip went well because when we returned later that night we had a front row spot to watch the action.

 First we had to make a sandcastle......although Mason really only helped for about 1 minute!
 Granny's finished project!
 Adding the water
 Our PERFECT spot...
 Pa caught me trying to do a group selfie!
 Uncle Jonathan being forced to take a picture!
Ready for the action to begin.

An awesome night of fireworks!  Mason LOVES to watch them and we all had a fun night on the beach!

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Swimming with Uncle Jonathan

We are enjoying our time in New Jersey.  Thanks in part to Uncle Jonathan's Pool and the fact that Mason has THREE people BESIDES Mom to play with!  The last few days have been VERY VERY hot so we have stayed very close to home and only venture out at night to get ice cream : )  Pa and Uncle Jonathan have worn Mason out at the playground every morning rain or shine.  Mason refers to the playground as the "Water Park"  thanks to the morning that it poured rain on them while there.  Lets just say that Mason LOVED sliding down the "water slides"!

Enough Talk here are the pictures from one of the Mason/Uncle Jonathan swim sessions:

 Always got to have a drink near by

 Getting pushed around the pool

 Swimming with Uncle Jonathan
 Back float time!