Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent Begins

Its that time of year again!!!!! Here comes our Christmas count down!!!  We are all prepared for the fun again this year.  Each day we will be picking a bag/box to complete together : ) 

Today was not a bag or box......it was decorate the house day!  Mason and I started with putting up the tree....

And we had lots of fun! Mason did a good job of putting on the ornaments and I enjoyed remembering the memories with each one.  

We also put up the "NICU" train....

And a few other decorations but not too many this year.  I dont want to deal with too much after Christmas besides getting ready for baby!!!

Finally today we broke out a present Uncle Jonathan and Dana sent me for my birthday.  Mason bugged me all morning to make them so once the cookies were cooled he had fun.....

Ok or maybe Mason just ate the candy.....

Just kidding he decorated. ...
Best part.....
Eating it!!!! 

Mommy finished making the rest....
Thank you Jonathan and Dana for the snowman cookie kit....it was fun to make AND they taste pretty good as well : )
Day one was a success for sure!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

29 weeks

It seems that my posts have been nice and steady thanks to weekly doctor's appointments.  This week I was given a pass as long as I felt alright and did not have anything change.  So far so good.  I figured that I would at least share a few OTHER things that have been going on besides this baby growing inside of me. 

First off Mason has been doing a lot of playing with different costumes and it is fun to watch his imagination grow. 

Fireman Mason reporting for duty!

He also took up drumming.....be glad you cant hear him!!
He also has become a cook...
On top of all this play Nana and Papa came for a visit over the weekend.  
Just like Papa....

Tom and Papa also got to enjoy an outing to the Seahawks game!  They helped cheer them to to a win!!!
 And Papa found Darth Vader and a storm trooper.  
Guess you could say Papa had a great FIRST time going to a game!
We are very thankful that we were able to spend special time with them over the weekend.  We look forward to seeing them again soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

28 weeks

Good news today.  Everything is looking good and the doctor is very happy SO he is letting me skip next week and come back in TWO weeks!!!! Very exciting to not have to go to the doctor next week....but it really just balances the TWO I have this week!!! 

His hand is covering part of his face and the umbilical cord in front of him was making it hard to get a clear 3D picture today....
Today while the ultrasound tech was checking out our little guy, she pointed out what she thinks is HAIR!!!!! There was not much but she said it will be fun to watch and see if anymore really grows!!!! And to think we thought we would have another BALD baby!!!!!
Belly pic for the week
Oh and a friend gave me a brand new body pillow.....lets just say good thing we have a king size bed .....still have to figure out how to sleep with it!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

27 weeks

Well it's Tuesday which means we had another check up today......All is good and the doctor is happy with how everything looks and how we both are growing!!!  Nothing new at this time.  

As for Mason news......
We have been working on letters and some "school" work
E is for elbow painting

Writing letters at the doctor's office!
D is for DONUT! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What 26 weeks looks like

So we went to the doctor today for our weekly sneak peak and we are happy to report all is going well and there is no changes taking place!

We do have a BIG boy on our hands.  He is measuring in the 92% tile and weighting in at 2lbs 7oz.  That makes me feel better considering this is what I looked like last night!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Carving and Other Fun

***So these last two posts are out of order but I wanted to post Halloween on Halloween and then just catch up with the pumpkin carving that we did.

Mason picked out a  small pumpkin when we went to Alvey's birthday party, at a farm, and I am very thankful we did it then.  I had originally planed on taking a "family" trip to the patch to pick out a few pumpkins for us all to carve BUT we all know what has been happening these last few weeks that made that near impossible.  Couple that with our fair share of rainy days we ended up skipping the muddy patch....I mean pumpkin patch and just stuck with the one small pumpkin we picked early on!

We wanted for Daddy to be off of work to help us with the carving.....Mommy maybe crafty but carving pumpkins is not my specialty!  

 Mason and Daddy did a great job getting all the guts out.  I had gotten the spoons out just to scrap but Mason insisted on only using them and NOT his hands!!!
 He then drew on his pumpkin but then decided that he was going to pound in these light bright things we got...

 He loved putting them all around his pumpkin!


 It turned out really neat!
Here is the technical name! 
This is what Mason WAS going to be for Halloween for the last month and a half......He is one cute Pirate!!!

We also decorated Halloween cookies.....

Trust me they were YUMMY!!!!  Good thing we gave some away to our neighbors!