Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Carving and Other Fun

***So these last two posts are out of order but I wanted to post Halloween on Halloween and then just catch up with the pumpkin carving that we did.

Mason picked out a  small pumpkin when we went to Alvey's birthday party, at a farm, and I am very thankful we did it then.  I had originally planed on taking a "family" trip to the patch to pick out a few pumpkins for us all to carve BUT we all know what has been happening these last few weeks that made that near impossible.  Couple that with our fair share of rainy days we ended up skipping the muddy patch....I mean pumpkin patch and just stuck with the one small pumpkin we picked early on!

We wanted for Daddy to be off of work to help us with the carving.....Mommy maybe crafty but carving pumpkins is not my specialty!  

 Mason and Daddy did a great job getting all the guts out.  I had gotten the spoons out just to scrap but Mason insisted on only using them and NOT his hands!!!
 He then drew on his pumpkin but then decided that he was going to pound in these light bright things we got...

 He loved putting them all around his pumpkin!


 It turned out really neat!
Here is the technical name! 
This is what Mason WAS going to be for Halloween for the last month and a half......He is one cute Pirate!!!

We also decorated Halloween cookies.....

Trust me they were YUMMY!!!!  Good thing we gave some away to our neighbors!

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