Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we braved the rain and headed out to the Fall City Farm.  For the sake of tradition I thought it would be neat to get some of the same poses this year as last!

So without further a do here is a recap of our fun..........
 Then the turkeys.......Mason really liked watching them .

 The photo wall....
 First Attempt....

 Second attempt......
 One with Mommy.
 Hitting the hanging pumpkin.

 Mason size pumpkins.
 Picking one out.

This one.

 I can carry this one!

 Flash back once again!
 This year he had his own idea of how he would pose.
 Time for the carving pumpkin!
 Need a little help PLEASE!
Dad to the rescue!
Yes that is right we did not attempt to go into the actual patch....it was RAINING people! oh and the MUD was EVERYWHERE!!!!!
 Family pose.
 Turkeys again!
 Sitting on the big pumpkin

 The pond.

 Carving time.....

 I got this.....
 Drawing a face.
What a busy day!
 The end product!
 Just in case you forgot ......
Halloween #1
Halloween #2

Our Little Man is getting so BIG!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Birthday Bash!

So just yesterday we celebrated Zoe and Max's birthdays!  They had their party at a local farm.  We had SO much fun and the rain even held off for us!!!!! At first Mason was afraid to pet the miniature pony but he did like to spin on the spinney thing. 

........until he fell off trying to stand on it.....once again winning me mother of the year award!  He was fine just a little cut on his lip.....Then it was time to ride the horses.  I was thinking he would want nothing to do with them but BOY was I WRONG!!! first he watched them walk around the ring then he asked to ride the little one.

He would not GET OFF...he wanted to keep riding!  Then came the BIG one......

 Not just ONCE....But TWO times.......

Thank you SO MUCH Zoe and Max.....We had a blast at your birthday party!!!!