Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Blue Friday!

Lets just say we are excited for the big game on Sunday : )

Yup thats right! The man the myth the legend!
Thanks Nana and Papa for the awesome hat!
blue bath on blue friday!
then we changed it to green!


PS Uncle Jonathan you better cheer loud at the game on Sunday!!!! You better bring them luck like when we went to the Monday night game.....and no crazy controveral tip play to end the game : )

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pottery Time

A few days ago we went to a pottery painting studio.  Alicia joined us for the fun and helped with the paint control : )   Today we got to go pick up our pieces of work.  Now one is a present for Daddy for Valentine's Day so sorry you will not be seeing that surprise yet! 
 We had to paint on a paint that made our projects food safe and when fired help them shine!
 It was hard to wait for the paint to dry but it did not take TOOOOO long
 But we did have to do two coats of this paint.

 Then it was time to add the color!  Mason picked out a mug for himself.  We have been drinking tea in the mornings and he wanted his "own" mug for his tea.

 The finished project before it got fired.  Which when we were done painting the mug Mason started to cry when we had to give it to the lady to fire.  Even though he understood why he was SO upset that he had to "leave" his mug.  He cried and cried and cried.  He was so worried that he was not going to ever get his mug back!
 AND....The finished product!
 The inside cracks me up....it looks like someone bled inside of it....but I am just telling myself it is just his artistic expression coming out : )
We can't wait to have tea in the MORNING!  Thanks Alicia for coming along and being an extra set of hands and being an artist with us!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Z O O

When the weather is good enough to be outside and we need to get out of the house we almost ALWAYS end up at the ZOO!  Now no complaints here because I LOVE the zoo and it is a large zoo so I always feel like I get in a good workout by pushing the stroller around the entire thing : ) Another bonus is that Mason has a blast and enjoys getting all kinds of energy out.

Today we started with the carousal (cause the last few times we have missed it)  and then we actually walked the zoo backwards from our usual way.  We started where we normally end our day....and lets say it was fun to do everything in reverse!

 He LOVES to ride

 River Otter
 Little blurry.....BUT I love this smile!
 Funny Face...
 Mason was SO excited because we have never seen the mountain goat out before!!!

 Don't worry we had a BIG talk with these two about Sundays game : )
 Baby Elephant
 Playing the drums
 Plowing the field...
 Pumping fresh water....
 If you feed them they will come.....

 There has not been duck food in the feeder our last few visits and today there was....and for the first time I think we actually feed ALL the ducks that are in the exhibit!
 Sad cause no baby otters......
 And then we read the sign......yup....MORE baby otter : )
 As we headed home we did stop for a cheeseburger and a strawberry shake : ) 

I hope that the fun at the zoo lasts a long long time.  Mason and I (and Daddy too) have SO much fun and some great memories from our many trips to the zoo.  I am so thankful that it is so close to us and that there is so much to see and do every time we go!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mud Pies

With the sun out and reasonably warm temps we headed out side to make some pies!  We had one very happy boy : ) 

He made a root beer one for daddy....
And an extra muddy one for Pa!....
Oh and added a little extra suprise to Nana's.
And finished off the pie baking with a strawberry, pumpkin and chocolate with black and white rocks!  Overall it was a great day in the bakery : )

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A BIG Head

Being a preemie brings many challenges and the one that Mason still has not "grown" into is his LARGE head.  Now it is not so large that people stop and look at it but in comparison to his height and weight it is still bigger then his body.  Now he has gotten used to compensating for his head and is really good at balancing, jumping, hopping, running, bike riding etc.  But today at the park marked one of the biggest spills we have ever hard.

It all started like any other day at the park.  We went to the "train park" after a meeting I had.  
 Mason of course drove the train for me : )

 And took me on an adventure.
   Then it was time to play a little basket ball.  That was when disaster struck.  Mason was running to get the ball and tripped.  He did a great job of trying to regain balance but down he went, thanks to that BIG head of his!  He got his hands out but again his head just kept going and SMACK! Just like that nose to the ground he was.  I was a few yards away so when I got to him his nose was gushing and blood was all over his hands, in his mouth and already dripping.  I stayed calm and just grabbed him and got him to the curb where we both could sit.  I ran to the car and grabbed a roll of toilet paper, that has been rolling around the backseat for ages!!!  Mason did not like me touching or trying to lean him forward to control the blood flow.  As he started to throw up he finally decided that tilting his head forward was better then back : ) Lets just say after getting blood everywhere and more then half the roll of toilet paper later I finally got his nose to stop.  And just like that our park fun was over.  I got him in the car and we headed home.  Once home Mason took a bath to calm down and to get all the blood off of him! 
 Dripped to his shoes!
 This is what was left after cleaning the best I could at the park....
 His pour RED nose!
 Happy in the bath but......OUCH!
I wish I would have gotten a picture of the puddle of blood we left at the park or maybe not......trust me it was A LOT!  I am just glad that I stayed calm and he was ok and we did not need anything else. 
The rest of the day we laid low, painted and played ball with daddy....... but don't worry he is fine and still his silly self!