Our little boy

Our little boy
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cake Pops!

Any of you that know Mason, know he LOVES himself some cake pops!  Now he is a cake pop connoisseur and REALLY really REALLY loves Starbucks birthday cake pops.  Anytime we are passing a Starbucks he will ask for one : ) I have tried long long ago to make cake pops and have never had any success.  They taste good but look really bad or they look good but taste bad either way they are just a mess.  SO eventually I had given up!

For my birthday my brother gave me a cake pop maker and they were good but much more like a regular cake them a creamy, melt in your mouth cake pop.  But that gift relight my determination to be successful at the art of cake pop making! 

A few days ago, while on Pinterest, I came across a pin for "The Secret Recipe for the Starbucks Birthday Cake Pop".  So like all things I see on Pinterest I pinned it and moved on.  Well last night, while making my grocery list, I decided to look up what was in this top secret recipe..........wait for it..........box cake and can of frosting!!! I could do that so I tried it...........
 My shopping buddy.....he insisted on the "race car" cart! I felt like I was driving the mini van of shopping carts : )
 So I forgot to take pictures of each step but here are the balls before going in to
the freezer.....diffidently need to get better at making them all the same size!
 The few pieces of "hard" edge that was left after I broke it all up.
 My mixing bowl used to add the frosting to the cake crumbles......it really is all about the feeling.  It only took a heaping spoonful of frosting!

 Don't they look GOOD?!?!?!
 My tester.......

He LOVED them!!!!!!!!!  

Mason ended up eating 4....shhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone....that was AFTER he ate a pork chop!  Now that I got them sticking to the sticks and round (for the most part) I can't wait to have fun with different decorating techniques and different flavors!!! My Cake Pop business might happen after all : ) 

*****if anyone knows a great way to get them all the same size and better round please do share!!!

OH and just in case you don't know what a Starbucks birthday cake pop looks like here are a few pictures for reference.....

If you did not know they look almost the same!!!!!!!!!
 Just got to smooth out my frosting : )


  1. To get the same size use a melon ball scooper (the larger size and till it up to the top with each one. Making a perfectly round one is hard just do your best, you'll probably get better each time you make them.

  2. Thanks!!! I tried to use a coffee scoop because my melon ball maker is much to small : ) Have to buy a bigger one I guess!