Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Projects week three...

Well we have been busy making a mess!!! And I say WE because it is not just me this time but my partner in crime as well : ) We did not have any place that we had to be today so it was a good day to get messy.  A few days ago Mason helped me paint a couple of boards that I wanted to use to display his art work. 
 I don't seem to have any proof other then him painting his hearts....but along with the hearts were my boards!
 The next part was inspired by a picture in a Potter Barn Kids catalog. (of course I added my own flare)
 I bought the blank wood sign from Michael's and  painted it white, added vinyl ovals (that I cut out with my Circut) and the word create. (that I also cut out of vinyl)  
 Once I had put the hardware on to the wood pieces, that Mason had painted, everything was ready to hang!!!
And here is the finished project.  I am really excited to have a place to hang some of Mason's masterpieces and add a little pizazz to that corner of the room!

While Mason was napping this afternoon I decided it was time to make some bath crayons that I had seen online.  Here are the items that I used:
 Molds (but you can also use ice cube trays).  Mason choose the hearts....
 Clear Glycerin Soap
 I bought soap die....more on that in a bit
 Once you have all your items the process is really easy.

First you remove the soap from the plastic container.
 Then you cut as many pieces as you think you need to fill your mold.

Put them into a microwave safe bowl.
 Heat them for 30 seconds.  If not all melted keep doing 10 more seconds until there are no more clumps.
 Die the soap....now the recipe I used said to use LOTS of color so that they would write on the walls.
 I made yellow, red, orange, green and blue.  After each color I added more hard soap to my bowl and repeated the process.  The mold's instructions said to allow the soap to cool for at least an hour and then squeeze the bars out.
Tom did help me "push" them out of the mold.  It was very hard for me to do.

 Then I tried them on the wall.....not much color.  You can kind of see MASON in the green
 Then Mason took a bath....still not much color.....but lots of fun!!!!
I am going to do it again and I am going to use regular food coloring to hopefully make the soap mark the walls of the tub.  Overall this was a really easy project and we will have fun with the soap no matter what : ) 

P.S. I am still working on the Elmo themed birthday party and will share when I am all done!

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