Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flu Bug Don't Bother ME!

Well it hit.....but at least I am the only one that got hit with the Flu bug.  Tom has a head cold and Mason has avoided them both!  After one day of complete helplessness, another day of semi-helplessness, today I am feeling much better.....still not eating but I actually got dressed after my shower today instead of just slipping on a clean pair of PJ'S!!!!---that is MAJOR progress

While I was sick I did have excellent care.  I called Tom, at work, crying and he came home early to take care of Mason.  Who may or may not have been given a HOTDOG for breakfast.  No one will ever know!  I also had an awesome couch repairman come for a visit......
 Let me just tell you he was great at fixing the problems : )
Yesterday we laid low and played lots of play-dough and painted and possibly watched the same letter factory video about 10 times....if I did not know what the letter  A said before I for sure can now!!

Today we cheered on the SEAHAWKS to a victory.....

And how else would we end our night?????

Hopefully the rain and wind will be gone tomorrow and we can get outside for some real fun.   Mason deserves some real fun.  He was such a good helper while Mommy was sick!

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