Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, November 28, 2015

11 Months Old

Please say it isn't so......next month we will be celebrating a year of you in our lives!!!!!

You have full control of your walking and get around very very fast.  You like to get into TROUBLE.  Your favorites are the trash can, toilet paper and anything else you are not supposed to have.  You do all this with a big grin on your face and laughing just to make sure everyone knows you are getting into trouble!  Mason LOVES to yell "hey River Nolan! Stop that!" Whenever you are doing something you should not be.  Your response is always the same.....you yell back at him and while still looking at him continue to do whatever you are not supposed to be doing : )

You still eat like every meal is your last!
It does not matter what it is you will eat it.  Your new favorite is cheerios.  Everything you eat ends up all over you no matter what it is!!! You are still nursing and it is still your comfort but this month you did figure how to drink out of a straw. You now love to drink out of one anywhere we are and once you have had about ONE swallow you then suck it up and let it slowly dribble out of your month.  You think it is very very funny!

Mason is still #1 to you.  You try to do everything he is doing which can be a bit frustrating to him but he and you are getting better.  He loves you just as much and is always protecting you.

You are still in size 3 diapers and 6-12 or 9 month clothes.  You are 18 lbs 6 oz.  You have 6 teeth still but with your attitude and teething the last few days, I would not be surprised if a few more weren't  on their way! 

We love you to the moon and back and thank God every day for you!  Happy 11 months River Nolan!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for this year...

 When we asked Mason today what he was thankful for he responded: "My Family, Mommy, Daddy and River.  And you know if River could talk he would say he was thankful for me...his big brother!"

We had a traditional turkey dinner that ended with a can of whip cream and pumpkin roll..... 
River could not get enough!!!! He thought it was the BEST THING EVER!

Mason learned how to play UNO.....
Oh and that was the SECOND helping of pumpkin roll : )
(Thanks Granny for the new cards and the card holders....they are awesome!)

River decided that he was NOT going to nap today in honor of Thanksgiving.......so once the card game stared he was out!!!!

We are so very thankful for each and everyone in our lives.  We hope you had a very relaxing and yummy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Xakery the Magician

Tonight we went to the local community center, with a friend, and got to watch a magic show!!!!  All three boys had a blast. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A School Thanksgiving

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving at Mason's school!

The class started off with two cute turkey songs......

The two girls on either side of him are his "buddies".  They enjoy playing together at school and have formed a very nice friendship!

After their "performance" it was time to eat!  The class made cornbread, popped popcorn and churned their own butter, which we got to enjoy as well as every child brought a dish to share.
We all had a great time!  Even River enjoyed the festivities!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Just Like His Brother

River helping me shop today.....
Flash back to Mason helping me shop!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Jonathan and Dana's Wedding!

In honor of both of their recent birthdays, I thought that it was a good time to play a little catch-up and share Uncle Jonathan's and Aunt Dana's wedding.  

Waiting for the bride...
 The rings (one of the ring bears fell asleep!!!!)


 Signing their lives away.....

 First kiss as Mr. & Mrs.

The group


Cocktail Hour

 Signature drink (sour gummy worms and all!)

 White sun glasses......how it all began
Time to head back to the beach for dinner and dancing!


 The cake

 First dance

 What a very special day it was.  We hope for many many years of love between the two of you.  It was a beautiful ceremony and fun filled evening full of lots and lots of memories.  It was VERY hot but I think it is safe to say in spite of that we all still had an AWESOME time!!!! 

I will continue to recap other fun adventures we had while in Mexico in the up coming days/weeks!!!