Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Time!

Hello! It has been a rainy, gloomy spring so far here but the weather has been great inside and there is ALWAYS sun shining on our lives! We are truly blessed and are reminded of it every day by the little man. Pics are right here for you!

This was 3 days before the rest of the photos. April hail brings..........???

This is his version of a gangster lean...........now all he needs is a '68 Impala and a backwards hat.

Wha.......what egg mommy? I didn't see an egg.

The two most beautiful things in my world!

He's trying to figure out how to get that whole hand in there!

Almost got it!

Does he feel a little bit like Ralphie on Christmas morning in the "Christmas Story" here?

How am I going to get THESE things in my mouth?

What a cutie!

Hope everything is well with everyone. God Bless you all on this Easter. We will return again!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A tradition unlike any other

Masters' Sunday is a special day in the golf world. Seeing that Mason is going to win 8 Masters titles in his career, it is only fitting that he spent his first Masters of his life glued to the TV scouting pin placements for his run at history.

The day started out with him REAL interested in the happenings in the first few holes. Notice that he already has a green jacket. That is the first of many he will have over his lifetime.

As Tiger started making a run little man assumed a more comfortable position to watch. He was glued to the action pulling for a great finish. While his dad was cheering for an 8 man playoff at -10, the little man was cheering for his Uncle Richard's countryman.....Adam Scott.

After the action was over and a winner was crowned, little man put his green jacket away and rested. We told him who won and he threw up then laughed.......maybe he couldn't believe it either.

In all it was a wonderful day. Friends were over, as is tradition, and sharing the moment with Mason was great. He really gets entranced by the game. I am assuming that it is the colors and such, but a dad can hope that his first trip to Augusta would be to watch his son stroll up 18 with the lead one day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleeping with the lead

Those of you that don't know, this is Masters weekend. It is, arguably, the most important weekend in the entire golf world. There is a long standing tradition that Mason's father has of watching every single second of the last round on Sunday...........but this year was a little different. Mason's dad had Saturady off as well...........

Photos of the outfits his sponsors have him contracted to wear for this weekend will follow. You see, he is pretty much scheduled to win 8 Masters' titles in a row........go Mason!

This was his Thursday ensamble............while he finished 7 strokes back of the leader, his putting was coming around and he struck the ball well. Be careful writing him off, even though he needs a nap right around his tee off time.

Here is his Friday duds..............I'm not sure why he is orange, but you can see his favorite toy and his money golf club....the 56* wedge. Useful on EVERY par 5 on the front 9 at Augusta.

This has become Julie's favorite photo.............while nothing to do with The Masters, it is a wonderful photo!

Mason's Saturday digs were deemed the "Amen Corner" ensamble by Brad Faller. He yawned at him as if he was crazy and then fell asleep after his Saturday round.

This is what sleeping with the lead looks like. Get used to it Mason..........soon you will be in the "Crow's Nest" at Augusta as an amatuer sleeping on a lead in the tourney, waiting to complete a feat unlike any seen in 50 + years.

He has now seen 3 rounds at what might become "Mason's place." tomorrow he sees the most important pin placements in the sport. Study hard little man, these are pins you will see soon enough!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Been away too long............again!

Sorry everyone. It has been a busy last few weeks. Nothing has happened in terms of his health, but his Mom and Dad have been busy with a variety of things. I thought I better post a few photos since this weekend is going to be a busy one as well.......more on that later.

So here are some photos and such to tide you all over. We hope all is well and wish you all blessings and God's love!

Tummy time is still going well. He has not rolled over as often as he had a few weeks ago, but he is holding his head up very well and we figure that his muscles are developing very well. We have an appointment with the high-risk doctors in a month to check all his development in that area which will feature a physical therapist so once we have medical opinions we will share those.

See what we mean!

Slumber party!! This is little Ms. M with Mr. M. One of our great friends took a couple days out of town so we got to take care of their 4 year old daughter. It was great! She is a future baby sitter for Mason and loves to help with feeding Mason. She is very careful to make sure that Mason is protected while we are doing dishes or something like that. Thanks Makaiylah!

He's really trying to figure out where this little guy came from ha ha. So cute!

That thumb MUST taste good!

"Feel them kicks.........he's gonna be a soccer player......he is.....he iiiiiissssss"