Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Been away too long............again!

Sorry everyone. It has been a busy last few weeks. Nothing has happened in terms of his health, but his Mom and Dad have been busy with a variety of things. I thought I better post a few photos since this weekend is going to be a busy one as well.......more on that later.

So here are some photos and such to tide you all over. We hope all is well and wish you all blessings and God's love!

Tummy time is still going well. He has not rolled over as often as he had a few weeks ago, but he is holding his head up very well and we figure that his muscles are developing very well. We have an appointment with the high-risk doctors in a month to check all his development in that area which will feature a physical therapist so once we have medical opinions we will share those.

See what we mean!

Slumber party!! This is little Ms. M with Mr. M. One of our great friends took a couple days out of town so we got to take care of their 4 year old daughter. It was great! She is a future baby sitter for Mason and loves to help with feeding Mason. She is very careful to make sure that Mason is protected while we are doing dishes or something like that. Thanks Makaiylah!

He's really trying to figure out where this little guy came from ha ha. So cute!

That thumb MUST taste good!

"Feel them kicks.........he's gonna be a soccer player......he is.....he iiiiiissssss"

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