Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, September 28, 2015

9 Months

Happy 9 Months baby boy!! You have grown up so much this month.  You are now determined to WALK! You pull yourself up on EVERYTHING and are begining to furniture surf.

You are also in love with opening all cupboards and taking out everything that is inside!
 You are the happiest baby around..... especially when you are given big boy food.....
Bananas,  sweet potatoes and apple sauce are your favorites a long with baby mum mums and puffs.  If its food you want it.  You are still a nursing champ and want nothing to do with a bottle! You have started to play with a sippy cup but it is more a chew toy instead of a drink dispenser! 
You have two bottom teeth and as of today your top right one is starting to show!  You still wear size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.  You sleep in your crib for nap times but still dont make it all the way through the night.  

You are saying "mamamama".  You also are becoming very vocal with yelling to get attention or fit in with your brother!
You are still a Mama's boy....
but you do like to snuggle with Daddy as well!
River, you are always on the go and always with a smile on your face.  You are becoming less and less of a baby everyday.  It is so much fun to see what you will do next.....we love you and enjoy what you bring to our family!♡♡♡

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Super Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Tonight, before going to bed, we checked out the MOON!!!
We started on our front pouch, then walked to the corner of street and then finally decided to walk all the way to the park!  This was so impromptu that we had no shoes and River and I had no coats.....good thing it was not TOOOOOO cold!  None the less we still enjoyed this once every lots and lots of years event.

Once we had enough, we heading back home to watch the lunar eclipse happen.....

  Mason thought it was pretty neat to see the Moon turn from RED back to WHITE.  My explanation was not so AWESOME in his world but hey we had fun staying up past bed time!!!   So thankful that the weather was so great to not have a SINGLE cloud in the sky!!! 

Happy Birthday Papa!

We wish you a very happy birthday!

♡♡Mason and River

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mason's 5 year old stats

Today Mason had his 5 year old well check up.  

He got his blood pressure checked....

Eyes tested....
Hearing checked....
And then checked out by the doctor
Weight: 33.6 lbs (clothes and jacket on!) 
Height: 41.2" 10-25%
BMI: 13.82 <3% Thanks to his weight.....
Vision: 20/40 (L) 20/40 (R) 20/30 (both)
Hearing: Passed
Not to sure how accurate the vision test was but no one is worried and at this time unless it gets worse there is no need to do anymore with it. 
Mason was very relieved and glad that he did not need to get any vaccinations! He is all up to date so that made the visit even better in his book : )  Dr. Spiegel was very happy with every part of Mason and what he is doing. At this time we don't have to check in again until age 6!!!! 

Afterwards we went out to celebrate and ended up at Starbucks since the donut shop was already closed!

Cheers to you "little man" It is so hard to look at you now and even begin to imagine how little you once were.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

While Brother is at School

Mason is LOVING school and I am enjoying my time with River!  Today I met up with a girlfriend and we had a little pampering done☆☆

My favorite from today!  He looks so grown-up
 Blowing raspberries! 
Needless to say we had a great time just the two of us AND my feet feel/look great!

Tonight he even shared my guilty pleasure treat!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fish Hatchery Visit

Last week we headed down to the fish hatchery.   They had already let in some salmon so we watched them for awhile and then played. 
Today there were lots and lots of salmon waiting to get into the ladder.
But before they could get in the others that were already in the holding tank had to get harvested!  I had NO idea that they did this where everyone could see and actually encouraged you to watch and ask questions.  Before we went over to the harvesting area, I talked to Mason about it to make sure he wanted to go watch.  I told him that they would kill the fish and then get the eggs out.  I let him know that there would be blood and that if he did not want to go that was OK.
The first thing we did was watch them move the fish towards the end of the tank that was closest to the harvesting area. 
 Once in place, they lower down the metal fence to "push" the fish to the other end.....
 Then they start to move.....
Then all the fish are where they want them.  The water level has also been dropped to about knee high.
At this point there are about 12 people in the water and they simply reach down and catch the fish.  Now lots of the fish are HUGE so it takes two to three people to actually pick up the fish.....
Once they have a fish they put it up in the side where it gets hit in the head..... this is not as "messy" as you would think.  There was not much blood at all if any.  They were actually really fast with one maybe two blows to the fish's head.  It was not as graphic as I thought it would be.  Mason did not even seem to notice!

 Once killed they then harvest the eggs or the sperm.  They put them right into 5 gallon buckets that every so often they  would take to their lab for processing.  Once the fish had been harvested it was then slid through these green shoots to make sure it does not have a tag in it's nose.  One shoot is for females the other males.  

 Even though these fish are not good to eat.  (they are too old of fish) They are not wasted.  They are kept on ice and will be ground up and used as fish food for the fish that they are raising in hatchery.
Even though we had planned on watching the fish ladder get opened and watch the salmon go up it....I would have to say it was really neat to see the whole rest of the process after the fish come into the ladder.  We had to leave before they opened the ladder this afternoon so that Mason could make it to school on time, but I think all in all we all had a great day!

  River even enjoyed his first ever Graham Cracker!
 He loves getting messy!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mason's 5th Birthday

We started off the morning with a little whip cream cake!
 Then it was time to play with the LED balloons!
 Of course all the hard playing deserved an ice cream sandwich!!!
 Followed by some dress up in his new chefs outfit from Granny and Pa....
Then it was time for LUNCH....Mason's choice!
 The best part......his very own birthday trip to Chuck E Cheese's!!!!!
 Some games needed a little help ; ) And some he did on his own.....

 Even River got in on the action
Dancing with Chuck E!
 Once we had had enough it was time to go to the hotel with Nana and Papa and open gifts......  
Sleeping bag from Nana and Papa
A new set of drums....no more need to use the pots and pans!!!!!Then it was time for dinner and dessert....
And of course we ended the night in the POOL!!!

Happy Birthday Mason Stone!  We hope you had the BEST 5th birthday!!!!!