Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day Of School

Today marked the very first day of school for Mason.  Today he went to his first day of Pre-K!!  While River was sleeping, this morning, we were able to take a few pictures just him and I.  For once he was totally willing to take all the pictures I wanted!  Here are just a few : )

This ones says the following:
I am 4 years old
When I grow up I want to be:  Play video games
My favorite color is:  RED
I love to:  play video games and play dress-up
I am excited to:  have fun and play at school

Mason was SO excited to go to school.  After we took the above pictures he asked if he could wake River up so that we could leave for school!
 Walking in to school.....

 Outside his classroom door

The three of us waiting for Mason to be called in.  Once he was I helped him put his book bag in his cubby, wash his hands and fill up his water bottle.  Once that was all done he gave me a great big hug, a kiss and told me he would see me after school.  Just like that my little man was all grown up!  I held it together until I started to drive away......Such a bittersweet moment for us all.

Tom ended up picking him up from school.  (long story there)  He was ALL smiles and full of excitement that he just LOVED his new school!  He told us that he had lots of fun, got to play on the playground, have snack, complete a paper worksheet and more that he just could not remember!  Here's to a GREAT start to the next chapter in our little man's life!  We are SO very PROUD of you Mason!

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