Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, March 28, 2011

Video proof............

It is official.........Mason is ticklish.

He has taken to love "sitting up like a big boy" right next to us on the couch. We prop him up against a pillow and the arm of the couch and he slides down slowly and LOVES when we pick him back up and prop him up again. It is so cute to watch his smile when we do this. Today I decided to tickle him a little and prior to the video (he pretty much clams up when the video starts rolling) he was laughing as hard as I have ever seen him.  *Sorry the video is tilted but it was the only way I could capture this without him knowing right away*

Here are a couple more videos for fun!

This is his new bored, tired, uncomfortable, soothing, move. He also rubs the back of his head as he does this to calm himself. It is adorable.

Well...........again, not a whole lot of news which we love. God bless and see you all again soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby you're a firework.......

Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.

That is the first and last time I will EVER reference Katy Perry in any instance in my life.

On to some cool photos:

It says "My 1st St. Patty's" Little man is already embracing some of his Irish roots. Julie loved his clover leaf sleeper!

Sometimes he looks like he is planning something...........perhaps how to turn those 8 green jackets into 9???

The "super moon" from our front porch on the 19th.
Same moon with a higer powered lens........the "shadows" on the moon tonight were amazing looking!

Thanks for putting up with my stupid reference to a stupid singer and have a great day everyone!

Monday, Monday........Can't trust that day

Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in updating.

Monday is another round of vaccinations. Please pray for the little man as he #1 hates shots, and #2 usually feels like garbage after vaccinations.

So...........we went to "real" food recently. The rice cereal was not the best of successes, but he seems to really like his peas and so we moved on to green beans a couple days ago. He seemed to like that too. So far so good in terms of meal plans.

He is also still sleeping through the night. After the move to his own room and crib, Julie and I have had much better nights in terms of sleeping, and he is sleeping very well at night. His rhythmic "snoring" has kept me awake now and then, but I can't complain as it is so darn cute to listen to him.

We hope this finds everyone well and thank you all for the calls and well wishes!

We will have new photos and videos up soon..............stay tuned!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Video killed the radio star

Here are a few new videos for your enjoyment.


No children were harmed during the filming of this video, though he laughed himself to tears!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Night time

Hello everyone. Thought I'd drop in and say hi and give a quick update. We have purchased a baby monitor and have decided to give sleeping in his crib in his own room a go! Last night was not so good as he woke up around 2 am. He has slept through most nights for a while so this was a rare occurance.

We will keep going to see how it goes.

We have also started him on "real food." He started with rice cereal and it was hit or miss and so we have now gone to afternoon feedings with baby food. Peas were the special of the day yesterday and Julie said he did fairly well with them. I will be giving them a go later on today and will let you all know how we do.

Now, on to the good stuff..........the photos and such;

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shots again???

Little man had his shots again today. He wailed and wailed at the first one this time but he was easily consoled with some cuddles and a stirring rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle little star"

In honor of his latest round of shots, some photos!

To be inside that brain and see what he is thinking and looking at............trust me when I tell you that he is simply staring at the celing here. He loves lights on the celing, but there are no lights where he is looking here. I would also like to be in his brain when he has good and bad dreams. The sounds he makes then are amazing.

He has taken to eating his hands...........I am of the mind that he has a tooth starting to poke through, though I have not felt around in there to find out yet. Julie thinks I am crazy (It took her this long to figure that out???) and that it is just a baby thing.
Julie has a magic touch in getting him to laugh and roll over and such. She is the best darn mother that a husband could ask for. I love you Julie and I simply can not get enough of this baby laughing.

Thanks so much for all the support and prayers and well wishes. We are truly blessed.........God bless you all and talk to you all again soon!