Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are you Ready for Some FOOTBALL??

Well Uncle Jonathan struck again!  Mason, Tom, Uncle Jonathan and I headed to our very first Seattle Seahawks game together......The game itself was up and down and in the end we won with a very controversial call in the end zone ...but really besides the football nuts out there who cares.....on to the real story...Mason's First Football Game!


Thanks again Uncle Jonathan!!! We had a BLAST!

Friday, September 21, 2012

TWO year check up

Mason's 2 year old stats:

Height:  34.25in  (50th %)
Weight:  22 lbs 9 oz  (still not on the chart!)
BMI:  13.52
Iron level great!

Mason only had to get one shot today and did really well with it.  Once we were done at the doctor  we dropped daddy off at home (so he could go to work) and took Uncle Jonathan to the ZOO!!!!!

I am not sure who had more fun Mason or Uncle Jonathan........

 Feeding time with the BEARS!

All in all it was a very nice day.....We sure LOVE that Uncle Jonathan is here for a visit!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Second Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

It is so hard to believe that 2 years has already passed since Mason came around. He is such a big boy now and is starting to show so many sides to his personality. We sure love this little man so much. 
In honor of his favorite toys, and show, Julie put together a "Thomas the Train" birthday party for him! Fun and friends follow in photos and such.................
 Julie put together a heck of an "Island of Sodor" at our local park.
 It was awesome looking and was fun putting together as well!
Then she put out one spectacular spread of a feast in some train cars. There was cheese and salami, watermelon, meatballs, mini sandwiches, grapes, drinks, and sweets! It was awesome!
 The guests all got conductor hats and bandanas. Asher wore his proudly and was the first conductor on the train!

 Here are Mom and Dad (yeah, I wore the hat all day) with TJ and Chrissy (yeah, TJ wore the bandana like a train robber more often than he did in this photo ha ha).
 Nathan brought his Mom and Dad, Justin and Jo, and had a blast playing with all the stuff..........
 The party favor station had the hats and bandanas, bubbles (HUGE hit) and train whistles with Thomas flash cards. The kids loves them!
 The sidewalk chalk was used as well as a really cool play-doh station. Mason took a bottle of water and emptied it on the play-doh so that station didn't last long ha ha. Between his affinity for running and pouring water on things, perhaps a firefighter?

 Our neighbors Chad and Jen arrived with their kids (Max is on the swing next to Mason).......
 ........and there is Zoe swinging oh so high! It was great to have such awesome neighbors through all of this. We are sure blessed to live next to great people!
 Asher was a swinging fool.........I thought for sure he would tire out but NO WAY!
 Jesse and Pip! Pip was so excited to climb the ladder and go down the big slide...........it inspired a certain little man to branch out from the little slide and give something new a try!

 Little man could not WAIT to go down the slide over and over. He rode with Mommy twice and Daddy twice then went down with Zoe a couple times too..........just to let us know he was getting bigger and more independant. OH NO!
 After sliding, THOMAS ARRIVED! Great job on the cake Julie

 As you can see, Mason LOVED his cake. He liked the frosting most but ate a BUNCH!

 Blowing out the candles was amazing. Everyone was shocked that he knew how to blow them out at such a young age. Great job Mason, and nice hat Chad!
Mason's second birthday was a great day! He has such great friends around him in all corners of the great wide world.
Julie, the party was amazing and you are so creative and wonderful to us both! Thanks.
2 whole years ago today...............WOW!