Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, March 30, 2012

A boy and his HATS

While doing laundry today Mason decided to empty out my swim bag.  He emptied each item out of the bag and threw it aside.  The one item he would not put down............

yup that is right the SWIM CAP!!! he loved it....and would pull it off and then try to put it back on himself.  I love this child!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

18 month check up

This boy had his 18 month check up this morning.  The doctor is very happy with how great he is doing.  He is still not saying any words consistently, but at this point there is not much of a concern since we are still receiving speech therapy in home. Mason has started to babble to his toys and us all the time now.  He loves all things music and if there is a moment of silence Mason makes sure to change that.  Everything else is right on track and Mason is growing very very well.  He is curently getting 4 more teeth in.  Grand total now up to 8!

Here are his stats:
Height: 32.25 in (that's almost at 50%)
Weight: 20lbs 10.5 oz (almost 5%)  that's right we are almost on the chart!!!!
Head Circumference: 49.5 cm (90% baby!)

Now all we have to do is fatten him up!!!!!

Hot Dog anyone????

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Got Rice?

So who needs sand when we have got a 25 lb bag of rice?  Well this is what we did with the year old, never been opened bag of rice........

Boy did we have fun! We have a great video of Tom pouring rice on Mason's head that I will try to up load later : ) I guess it is time to start looking into a sand table for a big boy who never once tried to eat a single grain of the rice!  Next time there will be colored rice to be played with!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Last few weeks

So it has been a busy time around our house.  First Nana and Papa came to visit and enjoy a long weekend with us. 
 Mason LOVES to watch ladybug picnic with Nana.
 Papa had some gifts for Mason.....he loves chasing this ball around.
Hats......Mason really really really does not like them but was willing to let us take a few pictures before he riped it off......
Mason had become an independent eater.....not always proper etiquette but he sure knows how to have fun AND make a mess!


The best part of Mason making a mess is that we then get to have fun in the bath tub.  Mason does not like water in his face.....but his MEAN mother is trying to change that.  He now has a starfish and whale that spray water out of them.  Mason loves to grab them and try to drink that water....well that folks is how one MEAN mother wins in the battle of water in the face : )

The weather has been rather cold and dreary around here so we have been doing much playing inside.  Mason is really good at pulling all his toys out and making a really big mess throughout the entire house but we really have fun doing it!  He also LOVES to climb in anything he can or thinks he can!

 We ventured out the other day to enjoy the crisp air and warm sun.

 Mason decided to try something new at the playground.....

Mason could not get enough of being outside, so even once we arrived back home he contunied to play in the yard.

 Spring is starting to show up in little ways around our yard. 

I can't wait to see how many blueberries we get this year.

Because of Mason's new interest in the spring horse at the park I decided to pull something out of the box that we got as a gift before Mason was even born.......Mason is really good with the screwdriver!

Mason is not enjoying this toy YET but I know that he will soon.  For now his horse is making his home in the nursery.