Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching up

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been busy around the homestead lately so time has been a touch short here and there. Julie is working new hours and I have been leading a push to collect signatures for a new initiative for this years election so things have kept us running.

But you don't want to hear about us.........you want details on THE LITTLE MAN!!!!!!!!

So first things first, little man had his physical therapy session with a couple great people here at the house. They both gushed at his progress in comparison to what they usually see out of children under similar "Mason conditions."

They ran him through a few drills to check he skeletal movement and such and gave us a couple movements that will help him roll over easier and teach his body how to do some motions needed for his continued development. As soon as they left he was bushed and went straight to sleep. Perhaps he takes after his old man in that regard?

The very next day, Granny taught him how to roll over from his back to his belly and life has really changed...........he is a rolling machine now. We have no video yet because he still tends to ham it up off camera only to clam up on. Soon!

Granny time has been great for the little man. He is reading, eating new foods (Granny has been making some new foods for him including chicken and avocado dishes) chewing everything in sight, and generally loving every minute of her visit. Thanks Granny!

He received a big box of new clothes courtesy of his Las Vegas "uncle" Kareem. Some of these duds are sharp so he will be looking good. Kareem has a baby boy right now and is expecting a second child with his wife late this year or early next year. Prayers for his family and a HUGE thank you for your support and generosity.

Other than that, all is well. Mason is no longer sick and is doing really well. Thank you all for your support and love. Mason is very blessed to have you all following his life and providing him with so much love. Thank you!

I am sorry to say there are no new photos and videos are still posing a problem in uploading so here are a few "older" photos...............enjoy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do you know what today is?

G-O-O-D Morning!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Remember when you held me for the first time?

I sure do love to cuddle with you,

talk about the Seahawks with you,

and dream about winning 8 green jackets with you.

Happy 1st Father's Day

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rollin'.....Rollin'...........Rollin' on the river.

If you are just tuning in, Mason has been rolling from his belly to his back, off and on, for a while now.  He has NEVER rolled from his back to his belly. He gets close but has not learned how to get his "under" arm out of the way to complete the roll. However.............

I found him in this position about 2 days ago waking up from his afternoon nap!

He finally did it! Way to go little man!

In addition to that, he has been hanging with Granny and she has taught him how to hold his own bottle, as evidenced here.........

While one hand is under there to prop the bottle, I can assure you that he is holding that thing all by himself. Way to go Little Man! Great teaching Granny!

What a week of firsts! Mason is doing well. He has a bit of a cold and has lost a touch of weight. The doctors said not to worry about the weight loss and to keep checking his temperature to make sure he does not develop a fever. So far, so good, even though he is more lethargic lately. He seems to be getting better so maybe we are coming out of the woods on that.

I figured I would post a couple more photos for you all to enjoy. Check them out!

These are our friends Justin and Jo and their little man Nathan. Thanks for the play-date guys!

Mason's first experience with grass. It has been a terrible "Spring" so far up here so getting a day to get him in the world has been tough to find. I was not there for this day but he sure looks like he is having fun!

 Granny is awesome at getting the little man to read.

Well, that is about that. We hope that all is well around the world with everyone. Quick prayer request for Eva's Dad. He has gone back home after a medical scare and he just needs some prayers at the moment. Prayers for Eva and her family as well, of course. God bless and talk to you all soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Therapeutic assignment

Mason had a Physical Therapy evaluation a couple days ago. A wonderful company called Encompass came out to our home and ran him through some paces and gave an evaluation to see if he should be receiving some regular physical therapy. The 2 ladies were awesome and gushed about how he looked and was doing compared to other children they had seen with a similar story to ours. The highlights:

1) He is doing great in terms of muscle development and ability to keep his head steady and up.

2) He is doing really, really great in terms of his eating of solid foods. The evaluators were skeptical as to his ability to eat solids when we were answering questions about his feeding habits and such. Once we sat him in his chair and I gave him his first spoonful of rice cereal, their tune changed. In fact, one of the ladies (the real skeptical one) gasped and said "wow...I am not concerned at all about his ability to eat solids, thank you." It was pretty cool as he completely followed instructions too.

We have been encouraging him to open his mouth and eat rather than us shoving it in so we have been saying "Open your mouth please" before almost every bite and "Thank you, good boy" after. It seems to be working and REALLY worked during the evaluation ha ha. Good job Mason!

3) They were not a whole lot concerned about his lack of rolling over so that dispelled some concerns that I, in particular, had.

4) They think that he might have infant tortocullis (I have no idea if I spelled that correctly so I will explain) which is a condition where the muscles and tendons and such are very tight on one side of a child's body. If this condition exists, children tend to only lay, or look, or "operate" in one direction. In Mason's case, he tends to "go right" with his sleeping, feeding, laying, playing, etc. They said that because he does not "go left" very often he could have the condition and it could cause him some discomfort to go that way. We are not very concerned as we see him "go left" plenty and he does not seem to be in pain or anything.

After their evaluation they decided that they would assign a case worker and would suggest some regular therapy to make sure that his development continues in a good direction. That would be great as it would help us make sure that we are doing the proper exercises and playing properly to help his body grow stronger and stronger.

With that out of the way, he has also begun teething. While we have seen no tooth poke through, he is showing all the signs of teething and is growing fussy at times because of it. Still no crying, but fussy times have increased. We got him a vibrating teething toy and he is WAY into that ha ha. While no video or photos of him playing with it exist, I am sure there will be some soon.

So that is about it................EXCEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granny is coming to visit. She will be here today and little man can't be more excited. He will be showered with hugs and attention the likes of which only grandparents can give. Get ready Mason!

In closing, some photos for you all!

God Bless everyone and be back again soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caught in the interweb?

Once again, we have been caught in the technological nexus of the universe and have been without internet for a few days. We are back in action and we do not forsee any issues goinig forward so we figured it was time to get back and post some photos.

First an update on a few loose ends..............

Mason is sleeping much better now, though he has learned to whine when he is awake. We figure he might have a tooth coming in which would cause some discomfort. We are hoping that is the issue so there would be an explanation for his sudden propensity to whine at strange times ha ha.

He is also up to 14 and a half pounds as of this writing and is doing great on his feeding. He is up to stage 2 foods and is eating the whole jar at one sitting, for the most part. We are so pleased that he is healthy and likes his food. He seems to really like mixed fruit rice cereal and pears. He also really seems to like veggies but green beans appears to be his least favorite.

Now........on to the good stuff!

We finally came out of our wet "spring" for a day of sunshine so little man and his mommy went for a walk. Is it just me or is he totally "rock star" with shades on, or does he look like a mini Jay Buhner?

Walking is hard work apparently!

This is his new eating accessory. It keeps his hands occupied so he swats food all over himself less often. He does like to try to eat the plastic toy more often than his food so it poses a whole new set of challenges.

Prunes???? Again?????

He loves his little play mat. The plastic rings must taste awesome as he samples them often.

Caught in the act!

We hope all is well with everyone and that God is pouring out his blessing on each and every one of you. He has sure poured out on us and continues to every day. Be back soon!