Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mason's 5th Birthday Party at School!

Can you believe it.....5!!!!!
Since Mason does not have school on his actual birthday he got to celebrate it today!  We were all invited to come in and join in the fun.  Daddy got off work in time to be there and of course River and myself were there as well.  

The celebration was all about Mason.  We had to fill out a packet of his favorite things and exciting highlights from each year of his life.  His teacher, Ms. Ruth, then shared with the class all of these things during their special circle time.  

 After each year's highlights, Mason got to walk the Earth around the Sun while everyone sang a song about the length of the year.
After all FIVE laps had been walked the class then sang Happy Birthday.
Then it was time for everyone to enjoy the cake pops that we had made!
 Once we were done eating it was time to go home so we passed out little goodie bags of some of Mason's favorite things!
 Thanks Granny and Pa for helping get all the favorite items to us......the kids were all very very excited to get sand, play dough, paint and many more fun art like things to play with at home!
Hard to believe that in just a few short hours this little guy is going to be FIVE!  As you can see, he had a great time celebrating at school today.  Oh and of course he had to sport his NEW BRUTUS shirt
.......Granny he is in LOVE with it and I think it is safe to say you have officially got another Buckeye fan on your side! 


  1. Happy 5th Birthday Mason you amazing little man! I went back and looked at the beginning of your life and it makes me so happy to see you celebrating your 5th Birthday! God has special plans for you Mason! Happy Birthday!

  2. So cute birthday party! I am glad he enjoyed his day in school. I also celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday in last week but we had reserve some local event space Chicago for kid’s dinner party.