Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mason's 5 year old stats

Today Mason had his 5 year old well check up.  

He got his blood pressure checked....

Eyes tested....
Hearing checked....
And then checked out by the doctor
Weight: 33.6 lbs (clothes and jacket on!) 
Height: 41.2" 10-25%
BMI: 13.82 <3% Thanks to his weight.....
Vision: 20/40 (L) 20/40 (R) 20/30 (both)
Hearing: Passed
Not to sure how accurate the vision test was but no one is worried and at this time unless it gets worse there is no need to do anymore with it. 
Mason was very relieved and glad that he did not need to get any vaccinations! He is all up to date so that made the visit even better in his book : )  Dr. Spiegel was very happy with every part of Mason and what he is doing. At this time we don't have to check in again until age 6!!!! 

Afterwards we went out to celebrate and ended up at Starbucks since the donut shop was already closed!

Cheers to you "little man" It is so hard to look at you now and even begin to imagine how little you once were.  

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