Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, January 5, 2014

We're Going on a Dragon Hunt.....

And We're not AFRAID! Because we have Knight Mason to protect us : ) This is the newest of games that Mason has come up with and it is a fun one.  Tom is always the loyal sidekick that helps with the hiding and sometimes shooting of the dragons.  Many of days the ottomans become the walls of the castle to protect us from the dragons.  We have many different dragons that come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  Our Nerf guns or rocket launchers are what we use to hunt. Today the blanket was the item that formed as protection. Enjoy!
 There's one down there!
 Quick HIDE!

It is so neat to watch Mason's imagination grow.  He comes up with these different games and adventures to go on throughout the day and I am just so very thankful to be apart of! (even if I just get to watch)

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