Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Phone

Ok so today was a lay in your PJ's kind of day.  It was not until Mason went down for his nap that I actually showered and got out of my PJ's!!!  We did a bit of painting and playing in the bath but the real fun did not happen until after nap time : )

Any of you that know Tom, know that he has been fighting the whole idea of a smart phone.  Well today became the day! After locking all his contacts and pocket dialing for the millionth time, he decided to trade in his dinosaur.

It was easily done and he now can do anything with a touch of a button : )   As always Mason was a great helper in the process and they even gave him a phone to play with while we were there......now it was just a pretend phone that did NOTHING (the screen was painted on) and Mason knew it from the start and could have cared less about it! HAHAHA but after a while of waiting for us to be done he did pretend to talk on it : )

 Tom already testing out his "new phone"!!!!
Mason got to pick where we had dinner......yup ended up at McDonald's and had an ice cream cone for dessert!!!

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