Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, January 20, 2014

We're Going to the Super Bowl!

Yesterday we went to some friends house and watched the football game.  I did not take to many pictures, but I can assure you that we all had fun : ) I did of course make a little special treat for all to enjoy!

Mason just had to eat one on the car ride!

On our way to the party...

 This is what was left of Mason's car ride treat : )
 Tom getting an AWESOME tattoo....

 The boys "playing"

Today we went down to the Science Center for a train show.....

 Where Mason watched his first MOVIE.....it was an IMAX movie none the less.
 He sat on my lap the whole movie, due to not having enough weight to hold the chair all the way down.  It was a movie about the history of the Canadian Railroad.  Lets just say good thing it only lasted 45 minutes.  Mason enjoyed the parts where it felt like we were in the train but there were a lot of parts of just still pictures with talk of the history of the railroad being built!  WE did make it the whole movie though : )
 Then we looked at all the different model railroads that were set up.

 Mason even got to operate it on his own.....

 Great Grandpa Wurm would have LOVED to play along side of this little train lover.  NO doubt that Mason and him would have spent hours in the basement playing with his train set : ) And unlike his mother, he is an awesome driver of the switches and keeps the train in control all the time.

 Then of course we did some of the regular exhibits as well.

 The water was on today, so Mason loved shooting and discovering what power it really has.

 A little treat for the ride home.

Tonight I tried a new recipe for a Cake Batter Cookie.  I found it on Pinterest and Mason has been asking to make cookies for a week now, so we gave it a shot.....
 My little cookie delivery boy!
They are very very YUMMY!!!! Now just to have self control and not eat them all tonight : )

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