Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The 5th of July!

While visiting Uncle Jonathan in New Jersey we were excited to once again watch fireworks on the beach.  Unfortunately, thanks to Hurricane Aurthur, we had to wait until the 5th of July to celebrate our nations birthday!  Luckily for us we did not get anything other than some rain from the storm as it moved north east of the coast so the party was not a total bust.  

Since all the fireworks had been cancelled the day before, Uncle Jonathan wanted to go down to the beach and make sure that they were still going to take place in the same areas originally planed.  He convinced me that a good bike ride was in order and that he and I would "just" ride to the beach and check it out........

 We only had to cross ONE major street going before we were able to turn up a side street!

      Give or take a few miles........4 miles later we finally found the spot!  Then it was time to go back home!!!!!  Did I mention that is was about 95 degrees during this trip????

Well all complaining aside the scouting trip went well because when we returned later that night we had a front row spot to watch the action.

 First we had to make a sandcastle......although Mason really only helped for about 1 minute!
 Granny's finished project!
 Adding the water
 Our PERFECT spot...
 Pa caught me trying to do a group selfie!
 Uncle Jonathan being forced to take a picture!
Ready for the action to begin.

An awesome night of fireworks!  Mason LOVES to watch them and we all had a fun night on the beach!

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