Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, December 1, 2013


This year I came across many things that inspired me to create our own advent calendar.   In years past we have bought one from the store and opened the door each day.  As easy as that would have been I wanted to create 25 activities that we could do to count our way to Christmas.  Now keep in mind that I tried to create/find things that were tailored to Mason's age and would only need guidance from us.  As you will see many of the activities fit that but there are a few that are more help needed activities.

To begin our advent journey I felt we needed a place to "display" our creations.  So today we started there. 

Supplies needed: tomato cage and chicken wire
Mommy's job was to attach chicken wire to the tomato cage (to look like a tree).  I only had a few fingers bleeding : )
What's a tree without garland right?
Thanks to an idea from a friend, I now needed a nail through a boad and some wire.....
And what kind of garland would you expect from us.......BUBBLE GUM!
Mason's "job" was to eat the bubble gum....oh I mean string the gum balls on to the wire! He did a great job with both of his jobs : )  
And now we are ready for DAY TWO!!!

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