Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Well we FINALLY made it to Christmas Eve!  We are pretty excited to hopefully have a special visitor tonight but as for today we just enjoyed a relaxing day : ) Daddy had to work at 2 am again this morning and on his way out the door forgot some paperwork that he needed so that meant we got to go to COSTCO on Christmas Eve......what everyone wants to do ; )  We did make the best of it and played a little Santa of our own.......
 Mason with his "own" gingerbread latte
 All the drinks we had to deliver!

 After we were done delivering coffee we came home and passed out some cookies, to some neighbors, and ended up spending the day with two of Mason's favorite friends, Parker and Tate!  They played the Wii, Nerf guns and watched The Polar Express (while drinking hot coca).  I did not get any pictures of this but trust me they had a BLAST!

 Then it was time to get ready for church.  **Please note how large Mason's pants are (even rolled once)  Carters 24 month parts are still falling off of him!!!!!!
 Mason would not let me take a picture of him so here is me before church!
 Holding the candle all by himself.

After church we did something that I used to LOVE to do growing up......
 Drive around and look at Christmas lights : ) We had a great time looking at all the lights and trying to "find" the blow-up lawn decorations.

 We were all smiles the whole time.
 Once home Mason did let me take a picture of him by the tree...
 And then he spotted the only present under the tree....
 And began to tear.....
And then got some awesome new choo choo train Christmas PJ's!!!
Now it is time to go bed so mom can get all the presents wrapped........oh I mean so Santa can come  : )

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