Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, December 22, 2013


We braved the normal Seattle weather and headed to the zoo today.  Last weekend and this weekend they gave different animals treats in presents, trees and wreaths.  We had a great time watching the animals and looking for trees and wreaths in all the different exhibits : )
The tortoises were first
Then a pit stop to watch the snake swimming
There's a tree!
Next stop the baby otters!!!!
Who had fish hidden in their tree : )
A TREAT for Mason!
The lions had THREE trees!  Unfortunately they were hanging out in their cave staying dry.
the bears had a couple of trees!
The meerkats had a wreath : )
The Willa Wong Station was really decked out!
Of course we fed the birds!
Their tree had lots of seed sticks in it!
The snow leopards got ornaments filled with treats!
The outback even had a holiday greeting!
All worn out from all the fun.  Mason even got a new baby otter! Yeah for the zoo and another awesome adventure.  We can't wait until the weather gets a bit better to start going more often again!

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