Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Today we made a 2x4 reindeer.  Mason did the painting, hot glueing and antler decorating.
He worked really hard on his reindeer! As I was adding these photos I realized he has his tounge out in them all : )  When he is really concentrating the tounge appears!
Once the nose was glued on it was time to decorate the antlers.  Now a typical reindeer would get a string of lights tangled in their antlers or a bunch of presents or even Christmas ribbon but not MASON'S.......
His got BUCKEYES!!!!!  Making Granny and Uncle Jonathan proud for sure : )  
And the finished reindeer decked out with BUCKEYES!!!! 
And for anyone wondering about the buckeyes the story goes like this.....
When we went to the Mariner's baseball game, this summer, Mason fell in love with the mascot.  All he talks about is the Mariner Moose!!! Well long story short after going to The Ohio State football game, while we visited the family this fall, Mason now is in LOVE with Brutus the Buckeye!!!  I love that this reindeer will always be a reminder of this.

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