Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, December 23, 2013


Well after putting it off for almost the whole month it was time for the yearly visit to the Man in the Red Suit!  Tom and I both thought that, like in years past, this photo opt would end up being a family photo with a little boy who wanted nothing to do with Santa. Mason has been talking for days about how he wanted to go see Santa and his reindeer.   Tom has been working non-stop and was such an awesome dad and came with us after being at work at 2am!!!! We headed to Cougar Mountain Zoo for their Reindeer Festival.  (We went here in 2011 as well) 

 Mason walked right up to Santa and started talking to him.
 Then he sat in his lap and SMILED!!!!!!
 Daddy got in the picture....
 Then Mommy....
 Then a family shot!
 We made our way into the "post office" where Mason got his face painted.....
 Well the reindeer body and the antlers....
 Mason was "reading" the sign to me : )
 Funny face....
 Yes Mason took this all by HIMSELF!
 This zoo had all kinds of bronze statues
 A few of the reindeer.

 (This picture is for PA!!!!)

 This pose was his idea

At the end of our visit Mason threw in a few pennies for good luck!

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