Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For no mere mortal can resist.............

The adorable nature of..........THIS BABY!

Halloween! The holiday for dressing up and gorging ones self on candy and sweets. Unfortunately for the baby boy, he only has one tooth so gorging on anything is difficult if it has not been through a blender. That did not deter him from selecting the proper pumpkin and costume to celebrate in style. Here is proof!
 The 2 best looking people in all of Seattle
 Those same 2 good looking people and some other guy
 Mason among the pumpkin patch. He loved the mud and the pumpkins.
What a priceless look...........huh!????

Getting him to sit on a pumpkin long enough for me to get out of the photo and Julie to take the photo..........well it was not easy ok?

Cutie with a plan for Halloween night debauchery

Or instant debauchery.

Love ya Mason!

Smiles aplenty at the pumpkin patch.

Carving pumpkins was a blast. He LOVED the guts of the pumpkin.

He got in there and really had a blast. He tried to eat it, of course, but was deterred by his Mom and Dad.

Mason then decided that "fear does not exist in this dojo." He gave that pumpkin a "great front kick" and later fell asleep.

That is not a costume.........that is a mother bear in our garbage. She is HUGE!

Halloween night, Mason ditched the Cobra Kai gear and went with a dragon ensamble. I called him Puff all night and he had a blast in his costume. Good pick Mom!

Ready to fly?

Certainly ready to walk..........though that happens every day!

First trick or treat trip!

"I'm hungry for candy"

Here is his first trick or treat gig.........he got 2 pieces of candy and smiled as soon as he got his hands on them. We left the wrappers on and he likes to chew on the wrappers and carry them around. He is so proud of his first outing.

Tired after all that candy getting.

Mason's second halloween was a great day. It was his first one out of the hospital where he wore bibs as clothing so it sure felt more "normal." He had a great time and his costume was so darn adorable. We hope you all had a safe Halloween and we will check back soon. God bless you all!

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