Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, December 17, 2011

You know Dasher and Dancer.............

Hello! Sorry for the delay in posting, but it has been a busy time of year for us here! We trust that the Christmas season finds everyone well and as busy as we are ha ha. Some fun developments have occurred recently and we have photos to prove it.

 We decided to head to the Issaquah zoo for the annual Reindeer festival. This was the first trip to the Issaquah zoo for Julie and I and Mason's first trip to any zoo. It was a cold day, so we bundled up the little man and off we went.
He "loves" his hat........ha ha

The zoo has the worlds largest collection of bronze animal statues. Included in their collection is a kangaroo......shout out to the Aussie possee!

First stop once you get in the zoo is the "cats" section. They have mountain lions, cougars (it is actually called the Cougar Mountain Zoo) and Tigers. These are 2 of the mountain lions......they are very young and are very curious. Just like someone we know.

Oh.........speak of the devil, what are you getting into little man?

He's up on Santa's sleigh checking out presents.



Here are 2 of the tigers. The white one was very active and paced around a bunch. The one on the stand decided to lay down while we were there and take a rest. They are HUGE and are awesome to look at.

Mason liked the tigers........though he liked the tinsel on that railing even more. Can anyone point us to the tinsel zoo?

Love this pose in front of the tiger statue.

Hi Mommy!

Ohhhhhhhh.....here is the tinsel zoo!

This was in the "magic forrest" portion of the zoo. Hundreds of statues as well as a bunch of exotic birds, deer, emus, etc. The birds were not out as it was way too cold, but the rest were there.

Including this guy who kept a close eye on us.

Mommy's favorite animal!

Mason tried to eat it.........watch out little man, metal that cold might make your tongue stick......"stchuck, stchuck, STCHUCK!"

This was the view from the highest point of the zoo. The Eagle is a statue on a rock outcropping in the middle of the magic forrest. The body of water in the background is Lake Sammamish. BEAUTIFUL!
Back at the tinsel zoo!

Then it was time for the reindeer and a trip to "Santa's" house. The reindeer had amazing antlers.

Mason was keeping an eye out for Santa..........he is so scared of the jolly ol' guy.

He took time out of his vigilant watching to feed a reindeer some apples.........they came running at the apple frenzy!

Mason tried to eat an apple..........this time the reindeer was keeping an eye on HIM!

Mason's nemesis...........round 3! Little man might be a slow starter, but we just think he was letting Santa punch himself tired where Mason would go in for the knockout!

We were wrong!!!!!!!

MELTDOWN!!!!!!!!!! part 3!

Poor Santa..........he looks like he has seen this before though!

Time to get him out of there.............and on to............

CANDY! Cures every childs ills, or tantrums over an overweight jolly man.

He looks a touch more.........how do you say???............settled?

If he wasn't a Ginger Snap made by Mommy should do the trick

And it did!

We had a blast and Little Man was in such good spirits, up until he met his adversary for the last time this year. Perhaps a chance meeting next year in a steel cage will do the trick to end this feud. Maybe at Wrestlemania or Survivor Series or something..........in the words of Mason to Santa.........
"Until we meet again"

Though it actually sounded a bit more like "mmmmm  mmmmm  ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh"

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  1. Oh Leeeetlest boy! Come and see us and we'll hook you up for a ride on a real kangaroo . . . promise!! And, Santa isn't allowed in Australia, so you're home free ;)