Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Sunday, February 28, 2016

14 Months

River is officially 14 Months old today!!!  My mini me he is for sure♡♡

This month River decided he needed a buddy and Mason's river otter was the winner!
Food does not last long in front of this boy.....the fork has become the favorite tool.  You are getting better each and every day with stabbing the food and getting it to your mouth.  There is no food you don't eat and no new foods that I can think of.  Noodles and guacamole are your two favorites : )
For as much as you eat you move so much that you burn it all off!!! 
Size 3 diapers and still mostly 6-12 month clothes.  
You still love nursing so for now it stays....although you do LOVE drinking out of big boy glasses!!!
We went golfing a few times this month and you are really good at throwing balls all around!
Another big milestone was hit just a week or so ago......down the stairs you can go!!!!!  You still don't do it 100% of the time but getting much better!
Neighborhood watch man you have become.....you also like to draw on the window : )
Anything brother does you just have to try!!! You and Mason are becoming best of buds.  The two of you are always playing together.  Sometimes it's chase or wrestling or playing kitchen.  Other times its ball or Legos or lightsaber battles.  No matter what it is the two of you enjoy doing it together!!!
Messes are your speciality but oh how we have fun☆☆☆

Happy 14 month birthday River! You have become such a BIG boy!  We love you so very much♡♡

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