Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, March 28, 2016

15 Months

Happy 15 Months River!!!

Seems only fitting to begin with a slide picture.  You are Mr. Adventure and think you can do anything and everything your brother does by yourself!!! This month for sure you have given Mommy a few gray hairs!!!
You are always up to something both good and bad : )  when you don't get your way you have been known to throw yourself on the ground in protest....that bruse under your right eye was given to yourself when your head hit your fist as it went crashing into the floor.
Mommy snuggles still happen and I enjoy every one cause I know very soon you will not need me so much....
You always have the best smiles whenever I take the camera out.....just have to snap fast otherwise all I get is a blurrrrrrr.
Eating everything ---check
All by yourself---check
No new foods and still no foods you just won't eat.  You have two molars in and the other two are on their way so chewing is become more of a toddler chew then a baby gumming action.  As of Easter your favorite treat is jelly beans and gummy rabbits (Thanks Granny and Pa!)
We also tried finger painting this month.....
yeah all good until you decided to taste the paint!!!  You were happy though cause you then got to play in the bath.  You are truly a water baby.  
Mason is still your best buddy and everything he does you are right there next to him.  You are truly his sidekick sometimes helping and other times bothering him : )
We have been doing lots and lots of swimming this month and all I can say is you are my child.  Water and you are one.  You love it and can never get enough!
Tomorrow we go for your 15 month check up so I will have official stats then.  For now here are a few details:
Size 3 diapers
9 to 12 month clothes.  12 month fit but are on the big side.
One good mid day nap seems to be your thing.  Still nursing like a champ.
You wave good bye when someone says goodbye and you blow them kisses. 
 I am sure I am missing a few details but hey I try my best everyday to live in the moments that we get to have together.   We love you River Nolan and can't believe how big you are getting!!!

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