Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Zoo Trip

The sun was shinning today so we decided to go on an adventure!  Little did we know that the zoo was having a special conservation day.  Lucky us got to participate in lots of fun extras today.  The absolute highlight was the giraffe feeding.   Mason was the first one up, in our group, and Olivia walked right to him!!!

River wanted to get in the fun after he saw Mason do it.  It took a bit longer but the giraffe (I forgot his name) did finally eat River's treat
We got to see the lion brothers up close enjoying a treat today.
Of course we could not NOT ride the carousel...they only shared a horse for the photo!
We climbed spider webs....
And made boniculars.
And held an elephant tusk!
Then we got to make head gear...Mason picked a zebra for himself and a giraffe for River.....
You could say the we had an amazing day at the zoo for sure!  

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