Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Catching back up.....

So, while there is still no power cord for our computer, I have access to a computer for a little bit and thought I would do a quick update on the goings on all week.

Because this is not my computer, there will be no photos so the stories might not be as well told, but the updates have not been as frequent as the news so here goes.............

First of all the wind HOWLED through the area and blew the top of the incubator right off! Not literally of course, but it sounded better than he tore the roof off the mutha! All kidding aside, about a week ago they took the roof off the incubator and he was in a "big boy" crib.

He loved it and the doctors figured he did so well that they would leave it off and let him get acclimated to life in the real air.

He also had a couple tests done and his progress is going well in terms of the valve outside his heart (The PDA) and lung development.

Fast forward to about 4 days ago when he "decided" to call it a lifetime in my arms and turned the most unbelievable shade of blue you have ever seen and had all his vitals take a dive so severe it pretty much stopped my heart too!

The nurse came running as I screamed my face off and she was able to get things back to normal, but he scared me something fierce and I have now decided that holding him past an hour is just not a good idea for me. He seems to really take a turn at 1 hour for some reason and so to avoid ever seeing that again..........might just be best to wean him back to Dad ha ha.

So today, Thanksgiving, we head down and they surprise us again.

This time, he got an entire new home. No more incubator! He is in a real life crib now that looks like it was built in the 1920s or resembles a child jail cell. I will post photos as soon as I can.

Couple that with the fact that he latched and was able to breast feed in the first attempt he has ever had, and we have a bunch to be thankful for. Needless to say there will be no photos of his feeding experience you sickos ha ha.

We pray that this Thanksgiving finds all of you among friends and family, enjoying all that God has blessed you with. We sure are!

Photos of everything will be coming when that darned power cord arrives.......we are NOT thankful for the Dell corporation.


  1. Oooooiii, I can believable. Sorry you're struggling with Dell - leetle girl leetle girl leetle girl! But, I am blown away with how great the little guy is doing!! Very very very exciting and encouraging. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and I can't wait for more photos of my nephew!

  2. Photos are forthcoming Tucus...........be very ready!

    Did you have a Thanksgiving down under style?

  3. Dealing with Dell is a pain in the bootie! Hope you get the new Power Cord soon! Sounds like he is doing really well. He'll be home in his real crib before you know it! Give the Little Guy a big hug for me!

  4. I've heard that dealing with Dell is a PITA, too, but I've had great luck with their phone support lines. Once with my computer and once with Jen's, I told them what was wrong and what I needed, and they fixed it.