Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sorry for the delay folks


It turns out that our computer power cord has decided that it has done enough in life and has decided to crap out on us. This leaves us with no computer for a few days.

I am at a very good friends house borrowing the time to shoot a note out saying that more posts are coming.......soon.

Very cool stuff has happened, but needs photos to describe. I will be uploading those as soon as the new power cord comes from the manufacturer. Thanks for your patience.

I can tell you that he has had all his 2 month immunizations, which went well, as well as another eye exam which went great. The doctors are saying he should be good to go in terms of his vision and eye development. I will explain more about that later.

He has also had another echo cardiogram which has not returned results yet and another x-ray of his lungs, again, no results back yet.

I will leave everyone with this small story....................

A fierce storm ripped through Seattle a couple days ago knocking power out at our house for about 12 hours or so. The winds were so strong where we live they knocked trees down and scattered debris all over the roads (by the way I just love the word debris........one of my favorites in our language).

At any rate, the U was not immune to the winds ferocity........and little man was the recipient of some of its power.

While that is very cryptic, it will all make sense when I get photos up later on..........trust me it is a very good thing so please do not be alarmed............great things have happened!



  1. Hey glad to see things are doing good with your son. I enjoyed the commentary about your dad saying its wiser to use the putter over SW off the green. He is correct.
    I will try to be in touch at some point this holiday season. I still have your phone number, but I have lost your address when I moved this summer. Take care and enjoy Thanksgiving!!

    Paul Elston

  2. No updates in a couple of days plus I haven't been to the pool to check in with Julie. How are things going? I hope you guys are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Little Guy! I wish he was home with you, but soon!! Too bad he's missing his first snow days laying around in the hospital! Give him a kiss for me!