Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A day to remember


Lets play a little Jeopardy..................

I waited 13 years to see my first. I was not alive for the first 3 years.
There have been 6 in the last 10 years.
My first that I can remember resulted in a loss.
The Little Man's first was today.

What is.........................

A Seahawks appearance in the playoffs?

So at 7-9 we played the defending champion Saints at Qwest field in Seattle and guess what?

Little Man's first playoff game seen was also his first win seen!

The Hawks won 41-36 and Little man slept through almost all of it. He was awake for part of the second quarter and was awake for the clinching plays that sealed an upset victory for the Hawks.

He was decked out in his gear and was signaling "touchdown" as he slept every time Matt Hasselbeck chucked a TD. He is a fan already!

We had a house full of rowdy fans. Matt, Brandon, Kyle, Amy, Makaiylah, and of course his silly dad. I am shocked that he didn't wake up as we all screamed for Lynch to keep running on the final Hawks TD.

In all, it was awesome. It was the first Hawks game that he and I shared and I am pleased to have shared it with such great friends, and fans.



  1. He's a good one to have around. The Seahawks have never lost a playoff game that Mason has watched!

  2. Lets see if we can't keep that trend going Matt. While he will have no idea what is going on, you know I sure will! Perhaps he is exactly what we have been looking for to cancel out the "jinx box"

  3. I must say that Mason looks good in the green and blue of Seahawks colors!! Tom and Julie, you waited a long time for Mason, and for Tom especially, you waited a long time for a nice Seahawks post-season win. Lynch run will go down as one of the best runs in NFL post-season history. Even though I'm not a big Seattle fan, I was going nuts on the run. I am happy you all got the opportunity to watch the game together. Glad to hear that Little Man is doing well and is already decked out in his blue and green!!

  4. Paul,

    Thanks buddy! I will call you soon. Sorry for not ringing you earlier.