Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New photos

First an update, then some photos.

Mason had another physical therapy session yesterday and the therapist was gushing over his progress and over how well he has been doing. He is eating great (thanks Granny for the awesome new foods) and is learning how to stand and pick things up to eat. It sure seems like he will be a big boy soon! (Praise God!!!)

So, anyway, lets get on to the good stuff!

 He LOVES to hang upside down. We cleared this with the physical therapist and I can assure you that no harm is done during his stunts........I have come to accept that if he isnt going to be a left handed pitcher, he will be Batman.......either way!
 This photo is more for comparisson of hairstyles between he and I. God has a real sense of humor ha ha.
 Little man really likes being outside with Granny. Perhaps he will be a camper?
 Tough to tell who is happier here. Great photo
 Finally got one where he is all smiles
 He has turned into a very curious little boy. Between his roaming and exploring all his toys, hs has his head on a swivel to make sure he is taking in everything going on. He does not want to miss a thing.
And after.

That is about that, not all that much left to report. The weather here is good enough to keep getting him out for walks and such. He takes a good walk just about every day if the weather permits. He is still sleeping through the night and things are progressing according to God's design.

Granny leaves for home tomorrow. Little man will be sleeping through it as she takes off, but we will listen for the plane to fly overhead and will run him out for waves and blown kisses. Safe flight Granny and see you soon. Thanks for everything!


  1. What a cutie!! So happy to see God's faithfulness in him!

  2. He's looking wonderful! Growing up so much, he's nearly one year old! Good work to Mom and Dad, you guys are awesome parents!