Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, July 29, 2011


Mason had his 9 month check up today (he is 10 months old.......don't ask ha ha) and all is going fairly well. He weiged in at 16 pounds 9 ounces and was 25 1/2 inches long. He is turning into quite the little man..........

The only "bad" news is that he is deficient in iron so we have been given some iron drops (that he is said to be going to HATE with every fiber of his being) to give him 2 times a day and so we will see if that helps get his iron count up a bit.

He is continuing to eat well. He has taken to eating more baby food meats, even though they smell awful, and he is even experimenting with disolve in the mouth finger foods and some fruits through a mesh sleeve to protect him from choking. He did have his first choking moment when Dad decided that he might like plum juice. Rather than put some plum juice on my finger or anything intelligent, I figured I would let him suck some juice off the plum I was eating. He got a little chunk (I didn't know it, of course) and he got this paniced look on his face and so I sprung into back slapping action. Crisis was easily averted and he was immediately putting things back in his mouth so I am guessing the emotional toll it might have took on him was nil.

Anyway, not a whole lot else to report. He has been taking a walk almost daily and even got his first action on the swings..........check the photos and we will be back later!

Little man and Mommy picking our first crop of fresh blueberries grown right in our front yard! Dont eat the leaves little man!

I am eating all my food Mom!

He sure LOVES his swinging!


Looks like fun!

Loving it...............big time!

Who is more happy?  

A little distraught after Hass going to the Titans

But we got Sidney Rice and Robert Gallery little man!!!!!!! No?..............Nothing?

I can tell you who is having more fun here.......spring horseys are fun!!!!!

Big, tall boy!

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