Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Got a sick little boy

Well, he is human after all.

We were beginning to think that he inhereted his mothers genes. Julie rarely, if ever, gets sick. Sadly, he might have some of me in that department after all.

Little man has a virus that has got him pretty good. He is very tired, very lethargic, very clingy (which is actually adorable) and is just not himself much. He has been running a fever of up to 101 so we took him in and the verdict is...............

Pink Eye.

Turns out that he has a rash on his back and chest and his left eye is starting to redden in the corners. There is not a whole lot that can be done for him in terms of medication as his eyes are just reddening and are not oozing or anything like that. The doctor sent us home with strict orders........Children's Tylenol every 4 hours if he is awake and lots of sleep and fluids.

He had lost 2 ounces of weight in the last 4 days due to this thing so we are trying like crazy to get him to take extra bottles for fluids.

He will be fine, and he is taking this as well as we could possibly imagine. He is still smiling and, for the most part, pretty unaffected. He is certainly wondering why he is so tired as he goes down for an extra nap ha ha. He looks up with a "Is this supposed to happen?" look that is just cute as can be.

Feel better Mason, we love you!

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