Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Zoo Trip

Mason and I headed out in the sun last week and ended up at the zoo.  We had a really good time. Mason loved watching the penguins swim and dive all around.  Since Tom was at work, I tried my best getting lots of pictures but there were a few times that Mason was not very helpful with that goal.  Good thing there well be many many more trips to the zoo!

 Started at the reptile house.
 Mason would not let me put him down for the first two stops but then finally warmed up when we got to the monkeys!

 A mommy duck and her new duckling.
 Then we went to see the African Safari.
 Mason was more interested in the fence than the Elephants!

 Then he found a stick.

 Headed to the school house.....
 Saw the giraffes.......
Played in the house....

 Moved on to the worm crawl.....

 Said hello to the goats for Grandpa...

 Became a turtle....
 Finished the day with some more bird watching!

Over all we had a great day and can not wait to go back!

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