Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Here is the scene......

We got home from a day of running around, it is warm and Mason wants to play outside.  So what does a multi tasking mother do?  That's right take the computer outside, so that Mason can Skype with Granny and Grandpa, while his mother takes the groceries in the house.  We got the water table out and turned on the hose.....Then this multi tasking mother walks inside for no more then 15 sec and when I get outside Mason has the hose spraying all over the keyboard of the computer!  yup that's right apparently Mason was trying to get Granny wet with the hose......

After a few seconds of panic I dashed in the house got a screwdriver and the hairdryer.  After dumping out what seemed like GALLONS of water I went to work.  Calling an IT friend who would hopefully save my life and computer.  His instructions were simple....... just let it dry. 

So here we are more then 24 hours later and the computer has been put back together and......IT WORKS!!!!! 

Lesson has been learned for sure!

Just a few pictures from the last time we were at the zoo!

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  1. So glad it all dried out and all is well. Mason was just trying to share his good time! Give him kisses for me!