Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summa........summa..........summa time!

The temperature actually IS about 88 so rather than hop in the waterplug just for ol' times sake, we tried BUBBLES and some more outside fun...........leading to.........well, just read on!
The neighborhood is full of kids and Mason LOVES to watch them all play. He likes to participate too so here he is playing with Zoe and some bubbles.

He loves to carry around the bubbles and do it himself. He is really starting to become more and more independant and self reliant. He is even starting to put himself to sleep at night and for naps. He likes us to tell him to go to his bed and he fusses for about 18 seconds. Then he is there, ready for us to read to him. Green Eggs and Ham is one of his favorites. He would eat them with a goat........be sure of that ha ha.

 He should be working, but he's makin beats! Dr. Dre will be by sometime to see what all the fuss is about!
 BIG PIMPIN! Thanks for the glasses Uncle Jonathan!

 When it gets warm, Rattlesnake lake is always there to cool the little man off.
 Or you can just play in a box with a sharp object...........I'm sure that is a good plan

Mommy made some sidewalk paint and little man explored his artistic side. He prefers painting in a diaper and so that might be a bit awkward later in life but for now, it sure is cute.

All this playing all Summer has been great. Nana and Papa have visited and he has had friends come see him too. He has met new kids in the neighborhood and really played his heart out. But not without a price.......................

Last night he was crying afer we put him down and was tugging at his ears and such. We watched for about 30 minutes and finally decided that since this was new, we would run him into minor emergency. At about 10:30pm he was diagnosed with a virus that was similar to pink eye but not the exact same.

So..............it seems that little man's body caught something and is now fighting it off. It is no big deal but it sure looks strange seeing goop ooze from his eye. The doctor last night said it could be the start of an ear infection or just the eye thing so we are seeing our regular doc today to see what he thinks.

In the meantime, photos of the boy and the affliction follow!

Swollen eye, cream colored ooze, cough, ear pain?
Not a deterrant to this boy!

Feel better little man...........there is still some Summer to enjoy!

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