Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, September 6, 2013

School time?

So today we went to Mason's future elementary school for some 3 year old assessments!!! Our baby is growing up so fast :)  We have been preping him for weeks about how he was going to be a big boy and play with the teachers and show them everything he can do.  To be honest I was very nervous that all he would do was cry and be all shy and hide.  Well to my suprise ( and Toms as well) after about 1 minute 30 seconds he was off in the other room playing with the OT!!!!! Anyone that knows Mason knows that once he warms up he is a very fun loving and active child but getting him to warm up can sometimes be a challange.  We were there purely because we have been working with a speech therapist and wanted to have all of our bases covered. Long story short Mason was so good that they asked for him to big a peer role model and passed him with flying colors.  So much so that they did not do formal testing becuase he was talking in FULL sentances!  I can't believe how far this kid has come. 

Once we were done at the school we headed out to play at the park in the rain.  We had so much fun!!

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