Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When I Grow Up

We just spent the last week visiting with Nana and Papa. (more on that soon)  While we were there Mason played "fire" about a million times.  In the game called fire, Mason would receive a 911 call telling him where the fire was located.  He then would get in his fire tuck and drive over to the fire.  He had many assistant firefighters including Nana, Papa, Daddy and Sometimes Mommy.  The assistants were in charge of the hoses (blown up light sabers) while Mason drove.
 On Saturday Mason looked right at Nana and said " When I get big I will be Fireman Mason and I will have my own fire truck."  And that will always be his first "When I Grow Up" statement.  Sad to think that we are already at that stage.  The neat thing about it was that it was completely all him and not prompted by any of us.  

So once this was said Tom and I agreed that we would buy the "Fire truck" we had seen at the store.  While we were shopping today we got it.  Tom had the task of putting all of the piece together. 

 Mason did some great helping until it was time to take his nap.  While he was down Tom finished up the task....

 All done!!!!
 It even holds water that you pump and shoot out of the hose!!!
 Mason's first fire engine!
As soon as he woke up he was ready to check out his new ride.

We even ended up going all the way to the park fighting fires.

And he is off to fight more fires!

 We LOVE our Firefighter!!!!!!

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