Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Road Trip!

Tom had some time off this past week and we wanted to just sit and enjoy some family time.  WE (mostly me) have been wanting to do some exploring around our local areas.  With the extra time off we thought it was a good idea to cross a few off the list.  We loaded up the car and took off for the rainforest and the BEACH!

First stop was the world's largest tree.....

Then after getting really really WET we headed to the beach.  The rain followed us all the way BUT Mason was not going to let a little rain stop him from playing in the sand and water.
 Tom thought it was AWESOME to be able to drive right out on to the beach...
 That is where you are to park!!! Lucky for us it was low tide : ) 

 The place we got to stay was GREAT and it was maybe 100 yards from the beach.
 As the picture shows it was windy and cold...

 Mason loved running to the waves, throwing sand or rocks at the incoming waves and then running away!
 I found lots of sand dollars but this was the only whole one!
We still had fun and what a great reason to take a HOT bath : ) 
After dinner we even hit the beach one last time before calling it a night and taking a dip in the hotel pool!
In the morning I snuck out and took an early morning walk on the beach

 The next day was MUCH better and the sun even came out!!!

Once we left the beach we decided to make one more stop on our trip...
 We decided to visit the capital building in Olympia.

 There was a YMCA event going on with high-schoolers doing a mock Congress and House of Representatives thing, so we could wonder through the entire building. 
 even the bathroom door handles had the state seal on them!

The garden out front of the building.

So in a nut shell we had a great time and got to have a fun family trip.  Despite the rain we still enjoyed the sites.  The rest of the week was busy and I hope to play more catch up tomorrow : ) for now it is Good Night!

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