Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Friday, May 16, 2014

Opening Day

At the FARM!!!!! We have been waiting since October to be able to go to the farm and PLAY!  Well this past weekend we finally had to wait no more : )   I will let the pictures speak for themselves......

 Had to convince him to ride the roller coaster.  The entire time he was asking if it was over.....Granny you may have scared him with the Woodstock Express last fall......we will have to reteach him that he really LOVES to ride it : )

The day was great.  We went on Mother's Day and I would have wanted to spend the day no other way then with my little man.  They had a special brunch (which we did not go to) so there were some people there when we got there, but as the afternoon went on less and less people were there.  In the end Mason got to ride the corn planes and the train all by himself.  As always we had a great time and can not wait to go again very very soon!

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