Our little boy

Our little boy
Our Little Miracle

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Date Night.....

Mason has a "new" friend named Josie.  She and her family have lived on the "other side" of our neighborhood block forever but Josie and Mason have just started to become friends the last few weeks.  Every time we go outside Josie either has an eye out for us or Mason makes it a point to go around the block and ask if she can play.  They make a great three year old team. 

Tonight as we were getting ready tk go to the park Mason asked if we could see if Josie could come with us.  So off we went first stopping at Josie's house and then the park.  The two of them had such a great time together : )

Mason had fun chasing her around....Josie thought otherwise.
They both put a rock down the drain and also relized it echoed so they then started yelling in it : )
Snack before leaving
Playing footsie already!
My single stroller converted into a double!!!!!
They had a great time together at the park.  The cool evening air will hopefully help them sleep like rocks!!!

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